Energy Report – Final November Update

Lunar Eclipse November 28th

English: Total Lunar eclipse 15 June 2011 in i...

English: Total Lunar eclipse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This month was packed with opportunities to shift our frequencies and jettison our density. Thank you, Universe, for this wondrous gift. Now, if I can just make it through the unwrapping process.

November has a second eclipse which is fast approaching. It is a lunar eclipse, and the energies of this eclipse bring another opportunity to re-order our lives.

Lunar eclipses always happen on a full moon and mark the ending of cycles or the culmination of things. They tend to heighten our emotions, which can impair our judgment. This is an excellent time to think before you respond, and if it is possible to wait before you make any decisions, wait at least a week.

There is always another episode with any eclipse, and this can take six months or more to show up on your screen, so be patient, keep an open mind, and be flexible. The picture can change a lot during that time.

Under the influence of a lunar eclipse, it is more likely that a person or situation you thought you could not live without in your life is removed or the situation ends. Just remember that everything has its own life cycle and that includes careers, jobs, relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Focus on the future, not on the past. After you have done your healing work, look forward to what is coming to fill that newly created void, and know that everything is as it needs to be. Accept what is, and move on with gratitude in your heart. Without those people, those experiences, whether painful or joy-filled, you would not be who you are now.

Here are a few additional reminders about eclipse energies, then I will let this one go.

The purpose of an eclipse is to shake us up and  break us free from our habitual responses to the world around us so that we can move to a greater level of maturity. This always happens rapidly. The eclipse energy will provide whatever we need to get the clearing process moving. You will always have exactly what you need in order to evolve and grow in understanding and awareness.

Whatever happens at this time usually comes abruptly. News often comes suddenly and often has life-changing impact. For example, you can receive a promotion or be down-sized. You can sell or buy a house. There is often a change in the status of a situation. The purpose is to expose the weaknesses of the situation, but can also bring help in a positive way.

If the eclipse falls near your birthday or in your birth-sign (or six months away from it) take special note of it. This lunar eclipse is in Gemini.

We often experience accelerated timetables or dramatic changes under an eclipse. This energy can help you do things you never thought you were capable of doing. Overcome your fear and just go do it.

This is a catalyst energy, and what gets galvanized into motion is often overwhelming. Stay centered. Welcome the bright light of Truth that is illuminating the darkness, and know that no matter how painful the experience, this, too, shall pass.

Look for the doors that will open as a result of this influence. Prepare yourself to walk through them.

I will prepare and someday my chance will come. ~ Abraham Lincoln

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  1. I was hoping you would post about this, thankyou 🙂 things have been really intense lately! This is helpful.

  2. Thank You, Julie! Its really near my birthday, almost coincided. And then I was prepared…

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