Morning Coffee – 11/30/12

Even A Little Improvement is Progress

A cappuccino.

A cappuccino. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s here. The end of the year is here. There was so much I intended to do this year, and I found myself starting to berate myself for not having gotten it all done.

Then I realized I needed to look at all I had accomplished this year so I could put things in perspective. It was helpful, and actually gave me renewed energy to really focus on those most important things still on the list that would be meaningful to me if I were to get them done before the end of this year.

What I did this year:  Started this blog in December of 2011. Wrote a book. Co-facilitated a gathering at Mount Shasta. Lost 25 pounds the right way. Cleared my closet of all the clothes that don’t fit me any more. Improved my eating habits. Started to teach myself how to play the piano. Got some formal training in mediumship. Traveled to Hawaii to do some energy work. Reconnected with some really special people in my life. Made some new friends. Branched out with my teaching. Stepped out with my energy work. Well, I actually did do a lot this past year because this is just the highlight reel.

What I still need to do this year: Finish gathering up the things that need to go. Get the other pieces of the non-profit in place so it can begin to do the work. Set my intention for next year. That’s not too bad. I can do that. The other things can wait.

As I finish this cup, I would urge those of you who are feeling the same way I was to do this simple exercise. It will help put things in perspective and will provide you with a surge of energy that just might help you finish the most important things on your list.  Congratulate yourself on all you did accomplish, and remember that even a little improvement is progress.

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 11/30/12

  1. Dearest SisStar
    I did this exercise only this morning at 4am!! As a result I have shifted a mountain of things today by just moving out of Procrastination through self-judgement and into Gratitude and Forgiveness!. 🙂
    Blessings to everyone on their journey – whatever it looks like, it is all perfect just as it is.
    Jeanette x

    • Ha!Ha! Me TOO! The moon woke me up at around 3:30 AM again, and my conversation with Spirit was the ‘inspiration’ for this post. Thanks for validating with your simultaneous experience. Grateful for your presence in my life, as always. JM

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