The Light of the Moon

Grandmother Moon Speaks

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I thought I had finished writing about the happenings in the sky for November, but this moon – in addition to keeping me awake or waking me up the past few nights – is alive in a way I’ve not felt from the moon before.

It is as if she is singing an Awakening song to the children of Earth. I have the strongest sense that there are Comic energies related to the upcoming Gateway opening in December that are being directed towards the planet through her body in preparation for the next waves of activation energy that will be coming  our way soon.

I was compelled to go outside tonight and stand in her Light. It is true that this is the smallest full moon of the year as she is the furthest from the planet at this time, but I swear her light is much brighter, almost like a cool daylight out there. It is so bright when it shines through the bedroom window at 3:00 AM or so it’s enough to wake me up out of a sound sleep.

What does this moon have to say that she is so bright she is waking people up despite her being the “smallest” full moon of the year? I feel she is calling us to remember the power of the feminine which is different from that of the masculine. It is a quiet power, yet much gets done without force.

For those who are old enough, remember who was in charge in the family? If you had a granny, she was the one who was the true power and she never had to raise a hand or her voice to get the point across. A look was often enough to cause even the most disobedient ones to fall into line.

Somewhere along the way, as a species we (largely) lost our respect for the wise women of the ‘tribe’. We must find a way to bring that wisdom forward again, that way of relating back again, if we are to have any hope of successfully completing this task.

We have become so addicted to the male approach to things that we have forgotten there is another way to do it. We do not have to compete. We can co-operate. We do not have to divide and conquer, we can share and include.

I’ve heard that the women will heal themselves first, then help to heal each other. They will then work to assist the men to heal, then together we shall heal the world. It’s time. Grandmother Moon is speaking to us. We must listen to her words.

These are moments of wonder – see them and remember. ~Vera Nazarian

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  1. Hi Julie M, I too went out this evening and when I looked at the moon so bright I thought “wow… and hello to you too~!” I thought “what are you telling me” and it brought a smile to my face. Yes it is time for the feminine energy to surface, we need all the nurturing we can get at this time of change. And did you notice how bright Venus is too?

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