Morning Coffee – 12/03/12

You Are Already There Because You Are Here

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Most of my thoughts this morning coalesce around the dates that are currently preoccupying a large part of the metaphysical community. I will admit to having spent considerable time ruminating about what is ahead, and found myself getting off-center by doing so.

Time for a time out (no pun intended). Back to the basics my unseen Teachers gave me in the early days of my awakening process I went. The principle that rose to the surface of my awareness was that I am where I am supposed to be (doing what I am supposed to be doing) because it is where I AM.

I do not need to concern myself with anything other than doing my best in every moment. Whatever it was I, as soul came here to do, is getting done because I am here. Present in the world. Participating to the fullest extent of my capabilities, because that is all that is expected of me.

And everything is perfect, especially when it looks like it is not. I am reminded of this principle whenever I find myself beginning to feel the pressure of what my human aspect of consciousness perceives as a ‘full plate’. I must breathe, center, focus and move forward. I only need to do that which I am able to do. I have the ability to choose from among the list of things to do Spirit gives me. I can decide which ones bring me the most joy. When I engage in those activities, I am bringing the highest Light frequency to the world, and that is what the world needs at this time.

Not to worry about how it’s going to look or what is going to happen. You are already there because you are here. Just continue to do your best and the rest will take care of itself.

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