The Lotus Flower

Our Collective Journey

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As we approach the December portal, I find myself thinking about this journey we have been on together. This cycle is ending, and we are preparing to begin the next one.

Our growth has been like that of the lotus flower. In India, the lotus blossom is the symbol for the unfolding Soul. It only grows in  murky water, and rises through the muck and mire to flower.

Symbolically, water represents consciousness, and the current condition of the pond in which we find ourselves is more than a little muddy. We continue to reach for the surface where we can open to the Light of the sun.

The lotus does not fall from the sky fully formed in beauty. Neither did we. We strive to rise out of the murky water to stand above it unsoiled so that we who were born in the world, having overcome the world, can then live in it yet unsoiled by it as the Buddha did.

The lotus flower closes at night and goes underwater, only to rise up, renewed, at dawn. Just imagine that the 26,000 year cycle we are completing was our time to close up and go underwater and now we are rising up, renewed, at the dawning of this New Day.

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Wash the mud and the muck off your being-ness. Open the petals of your crown chakra to allow the Light to pour in so that you can begin to radiate that Light from your heart into the world.

A new Spring is approaching. This Grand cycle of experience is completing. In the Native tradition, one travels around the Wheel beginning at the Eastern gate, moving to the Southern, then the West and finally to the North, the place of in-gathered wisdom. What have we learned, collectively this last turn around the Wheel? What will we take with us as we prepare to start again? It is the wisdom gained through the lessons, the experiences of this past cycle that will inform the rest of our collective Soul’s Journey.

Like the lotus, we rise up, renewed, to begin again.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. ~ Albert Einstein

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4 thoughts on “The Lotus Flower

  1. Came back to read this one again, Julie Marie – love it, so beautiful in its simplicity. Explains all the blossoming lotus flowers appearing everywhere these days! If you’re inclined, I highly recommend the White Lotus essential oil – for the crown chakra…. I got some not long ago, and am now officially addicted. 😀


      • I get it from Diane Davis here in Maryland (, but I don’t think she ships. Might be worth asking, though. The description: “White Lotus – Nelumbo nucifera (India) In India, the lotus is the Buddhist symbol of enlightenment and mental purity. This is a heart oil that brings peace and spiritual abundance. Used for protection. Opens the crown chakra.”

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