Energy Report – December 2012, Part 2

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12/12/12 through 12/21/12~ A nine-day window of opportunity presents itself as we move towards the close of this Major Cycle. I mentioned this in passing in the first installment, but want to look at it a bit more closely here. As many of you who have been here since I began this blog journey know, I am fascinated with the pattern of numbers  that diagram how everything in the Universe grows (Fibonacci).

What you don’t know is that for almost a decade, my guidance has been bringing my awareness around to the dates of 12/12 and 12/21. The only insight I ever had about the 12/21 was that it felt like a mirror image, that the line in between represented the veil between the two worlds. How that related to the 12/12, I could not discern.

Now we are nearing the 12/12/2012 and the 12/21/2012, and a couple of things have jumped out at me. The first is a thought I kept having to apply the Fibonacci spiral to the growth of consciousness. What? I can hear you say.

Mount Shasta

Another piece of the puzzle needs to be laid out here. I have been seeing repeating number sequences with increasing frequency – to the point they are almost exclusively what I see when I ‘notice’ what time it is these days – since the work at Mount Shasta this past September. The one that dominates this numerical landscape is 11:11.

For those of you who were at Mount Shasta, there was a significant 11:11 connection there as well. Without going into detail, there was a group of 14 people on the Sunday trip to the mountain, and 14 people ended up going up the mountain again to get it right(er) on Monday. The significant thing to note (which I did not perceive until I was on the drive home) was that 11 of the 14 people were the SAME both days (11:11). I knew this was important. It was after I had that awareness that I started seeing the 11:11 all the time.

I also am now certain that what happened at Mount Shasta on the Equinox is connected in an important way to what is coming this month. I wasn’t sure until I had the realization that 12/12/2012 and 12/21/2012 both add up to 11, numerically. Which gives us 11:11.

I debated for a while before I decided to just put it all out there, and concluded ‘what the heck, it’s my perspective and I’m not trying to convince or convert anyone’, so here I go. This last piece is something I “saw” with my 3d eye’s vision 23 years ago. It was like a vision, but it didn’t make much sense to me at the time. I saw a Great Cosmic being made up of stars, planets, solar systems, Universes. Actually looked like Universes were at each primary chakra location. This Being was facing away from me, kind of at a 45 degree angle, and was against a field of stars – like one would imagine where a Cosmic Being would be standing.

Then, as I watched the Universe at the base of this Being’s spine lit up, and Light began to spiral its way up the spine. I knew nothing about kundalini or the like at the time, I was simply observing as the vision played out in front of me. Then my perspective shifted, and I found myself looking down the spinal column. The pattern of the spiraling Light as it made its way up the spine looked just like an infinity sign on its side. I had the sense, the knowing, that whenever the Light (which felt like a group of souls) reached the center of infinity, there was a moment of perfect clarity in which plans could be remade, or different choices considered. This was possible because there was a clear, unobstructed connection from one end of the spine of this Cosmic Being to the other for the briefest of moments, cosmically speaking anyway.

As I watched, on one of the passes through the center of Infinity, there was a brilliant flash, and the Light ceased to travel back and forth across and around infinity and instead shot straight up from the middle of the spine to the crown chakra region of this Being, igniting a Great Light at its head and shooting Light in all directions. The very Body of this Being transformed into Light, and then the vision was over.

I was often told by my unseen Teachers that my little mind could not begin to comprehend the workings of the Universe. They were right then, and are right still. Nevertheless, as my awareness grows, I feel I do understand more of what I perceived so long ago.

Putting the pieces together. Fibonacci is a sequence of numbers that starts with 0. The first part of the Fibonacci sequence is: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. So arrange that sequence as if it were looking at itself in the mirror, or was a reflection of itself. The pattern would look something like this: …13,8,5,3,1,1/1,1,3,5,8,13…Now let’s make the “/” a “0” to represent the central column of the spine I was looking at in the vision: …13,8,5,3,2,1,101,1,3,5,8,13…We now have a numerical representation of the infinity sign with the ‘zero point’ in the middle which is what I was looking at in that vision.

Notice the 11:11 that shows up in the middle of the sequence. What if we are now at the zero point of that sequence where for a moment, we will have access to the complete connection unimpeded? Can we opt to just shoot up the middle instead of starting another loop through infinity? I choose the shooting straight up the middle option. Just saying. Don’t know what that will look like or how long it will take, but that is my intention.

One thing is certain here: there is definitely an activation happening, and I believe it is global. Planet wide. Involves the entire solar system. The Universe. Heck, I think it involves that Great Cosmic Being I saw. What if the meditation was successful, the Being that dreamed all of Creation has now reached its point of Awareness, and the ignition of the Cosmic Kundalini has begun? What if our galaxy is sitting at the base of that Being’s spine?

The dates just happen to add up to 11, respectively. From the 12th to the 20th is nine days. Then comes the 21st. The Birth Day. Something is gestating for nine days. Happy birthday, humanity. What would you incubate for yourself? Now is a good time to be thinking about that, so you can use the time between the 12th and the 21st to focus your intention on what it is you want for yourself and your life experience.

The Universe has been intelligently designed and – as with every intelligent design, it has its purpose. ~T.S.Chalko

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9 thoughts on “Energy Report – December 2012, Part 2

  1. Beautiful – love it. And yes on the numbers – a few years ago, I would get all excited about a particular one that stood out, and now it’s more like, oh, there’s the next number – because it happens constantly. Feels like a great sign that we’re transitioning to an awareness in which we realize that this is not “unusual” – but simply a part of our daily lives, that we see everywhere around us as our eyes continuously widen.

    Thank you for your work, Julie Marie, and all you share – love following your blogs. A Happy Slide into the New Year and the New World – here’s to going up-and-over!

      • A little P.S. with a pattern that has even more meaning after your post – so far this week, I woke up at 3:03, and 4:04 on consecutive nights. Last night broke the pattern with a new twist: 5:50. 😀 Love the image and working with the idea of zero as the center point. And can I just say, applying the Fibonacci spiral was BRILLIANT! Happy Weekend ~~

      • It was the repeating patterns with the zero in the middle that started me down that Fibo path to begin with. Exactly like you’ve had: 2:02 or 1:01, or 7:07. These combinations along with the repeaters of the 11:11 or 1:11 or 3:33 or 4:44…have become the NORM for me. I see LESS of the ‘regular’ times these days (when I notice the time) than I do of the others. As for applying Fibo to consciousness and the cycle of creation, well, I do have an obsessive side to my personality. If it fits, try it on, I say! Thanks, M.

  2. Dearest SisStar
    11:11 it certainly has been! Thank you for validating why I had felt strongly to surround the dates from 12-21 December on my calendar in pink hearts! I am also doing a 2AM(!) EFT workshop on Procrastination tomorrow morning – to ensure that I am not holding onto anything that will stop me taking that straight up the middle option you refer to :-). Wheeeeeeeee…….. J x

    • Thank you for affirming that there is significance to this period of time. Haven’t seen anyone writing about it anywhere out on the WWW, but I can feel the energy of it. But then again, I could be out here in a leaky boat rowing all by myself! Well, now you’re sort of on board too…;-)

  3. Dear Julie, I have shivers going up my spine after reading this. I too have noticed number sequences like 4:44, 1:11, 333 on my clocks and on my car speedometer. Thank you for sharing this incredible insight, I think you have hit on something very interesting.

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