Morning Coffee-12/12/12

Our Deepest Wounds

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but it has been almost more than I can handle these past few weeks, at least in the “here, let us show you the biggest obstacle still in front of you that is keeping you from your highest potential” department.

That’s why it’s a cocoa morning. That is also why I will be taking a few days off next week to spend some time in silence with the Silence to get some guidance about it all.

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I have decided to go on a personal retreat for three days, and will be out of touch for that time. No phone, no technology, no radio. Just me, a journal, a pen, a hermitage, the Mississippi River, and some trees. Walking trails and a hot plate. Meditation and introspection and whatever Spirit would share with me. I can already sense the presence of Beings there with whom I am to commune. I need help. I need clarity. I need some quiet time. What better time than the turning of the Ages? I will be offline December 20th – 23rd, just so you all are aware.

I have a relatively strong constitution, but what has come up for me lately is the most protracted (started in early September) most intense (and therefore likely the most important) spiritual healing work I’ve done since I was awakened 25 years ago.

Nothing like the ending of an Age to get the gunk at the bottom of the barrel moving! I have asked for help. I am certain help is there. I just need some time to tune in to it with clarity.

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6 thoughts on “Morning Coffee-12/12/12

  1. Go for it for it is not wise to put new wine in an old wineskin. Yes, help is waiting for you to deal with you with ease, grace, surprise and love until your perfection.

    • A time of solitude is beneficial to us all occasionally. I will enjoy walking on the bluffs and sitting in the quiet. Writing. Listening. Waiting for guidance. I shall return renewed.

    • It is my perspective that this time has been especially designed to help any who wish to, to do exactly that. Nobody ever said it would be easy, and I know it will be MORE than worth it when completed. I can see the beautiful pink light of the dawn just beginning to color the sky. I am on my way. I do understand that to get there from here I must release all that is NOT that which I AM. Thank you for the supportive comments.

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