Morning Coffee – 12/14/12

December Showers 

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A friend once told me she always watches the meteor showers. Last night was the peak of the Geminid meteor showers, and because the weather outside was balmy for December, I decided I’d step outside and see what she used to get so excited about. Because Grandmother Moon was sleeping, we all had a better opportunity to catch the light show.

I participated in the lazy person’s version of viewing the streaks of light in the night sky: I went out on my back deck with a sweater on and looked up. For better viewing opportunities, it is best to head out in the country where there is less light pollution. I still had a wonderful experience.

Photo of Orion Belt with the stars Alnitak, Al...

Photo of Orion Belt with the stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The star-gazers among you know all the facts about meteor showers and the rate of streaking lights per hour. I’m going to stick to my personal experience and leave the reporting to those more qualified than I.

As a young girl, I remember looking up to the night sky for the three stars of Orion’s belt. I can’t explain why, but seeing them would comfort me. Last night, as I scanned the skies for the ‘falling stars’, Orion was standing almost center stage. I could imagine it was he who was flinging these wondrous sparks of light across the sky. (Yes, I know the shower originates from the Gemini constellation.)

What I remembered as I looked up is we are never too old to re-awaken the child within. I felt a sense of wonder as I gazed up at the infinite field of lights. I felt a flash of excitement every time a light streaked across the sky for an instant, then blinked out. I woke up this morning feeling lifted up somehow, and I believe it was the time I spent outside connecting with the vastness of Creation that raised my spirits, and my vibration.

There is healing to be had in such simple activities. I speak a lot about balance in one’s life, and how important it is. I strive to maintain it myself. I forgot how powerful a few moments with Creation are as far as helping to restore it.

Yes, the holidays are upon us, and for most of us, it is the busiest time of the year. There is shopping to do, gifts to wrap, cards and packages to mail, parties to attend, cookies to bake, a home to decorate, and family to visit; and we schedule all of this around our already busy lives. Then we wonder why we are feeling the way we do.

Take a moment to step outside and look up at the stillness of the sky. Choose the brightest object in the sky and imagine it as the star the Maji followed to that manger one chilly journey a couple of thousand years ago. Remember the gift of awareness that was given to this planet by a child whose life began in the most humble of places.

If that does not resonate with you, then step outside anyway and take a moment for yourself. Look up at the brilliant night sky, and breathe in the majesty, the magnificence of the Creation you are a part of. When the peace of that realization settles into your being, give a silent thanks to the One Who Made Us All and carry that stillness, that peace back inside with you as you continue your holiday celebrations.

May we all be lights that burn brightly in the field of awareness.

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Photo credit: Wikipedia