12/21/12…Another Perspective

What’s Really Happening?

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The short answer to this question is: I don’t know. So many are speaking about how this date is the end of the world, and there is plenty of worry out there about what exactly is going to happen to us all. I’ve been asked about this so much, I decided to put some attention on it, and apply the principles I was taught by my unseen Teachers  during those early days of my spiritual education to this situation. I’ve decided to share what came to me. I don’t know how helpful it will be, but it was a good reminder for me of what I am to remain focused on in the months and years ahead: I need to stay focused on what I am to do next, and not to worry about anything (or anyone) else.

First, the principle I felt was most relevant to this discussion: As Above, So Below.

My understanding of the process is that a shift that has taken place in the realm of Cause will begin to manifest in the realm of Effect. I am choosing to maintain linearity of time here as that is how we (still) understand things. This Pattern of Perfection in the realm of Cause will eventually become the ‘way it is’ here in the realm of Effect. How long this process will take is unknown on both sides of the veil, as the wild card of Free Will Choice is in play here.

The Veil will dissolve, you see, and there will no longer be separation between this realm and the next. Now, is there an additional membrane that exists between the next realm and the greater Awareness beyond that? I suppose we shall all discover this together.

There are many who are saying that what is happening here has never been done anywhere in the Cosmos. I agree. Twenty-five years ago, in answer to a question I asked, the reply was: “This Grand Experiment must not fail”. These words delivered an overwhelming sense of gravitas, of importance, that permeated the very cells of my body and which I have carried with me in my consciousness since that day.

It is what drives me to continue to do whatever I can, whenever I am asked, to the best of my ability. This Grand Experiment must not fail, and I will not have it said by any in the Realms of Light that I did not do everything I could. I answer only to my Higher Wisdom, and though that can cause me problems from time to time, when compared to the alternative, the problems quickly become non-issues for me.

I cannot discern how long we have been collectively laying down the template in this realm that contains the requisite anchors to hold the Cosmic Pattern of Perfection, but I would submit that it feels like it’s been an aeons-long task. Some of the most important energy or pattern anchors would be the named Masters. Jesus of Nazareth, for example. Mother Teresa, for example. Buddha, for example. And the thousands of Masters whose names we do not know, but who worked tirelessly for the good of the whole while incarnated here.

Obviously, the time has come to begin the Anchoring In. The Great Doorway is beginning to open, and the energy from the Realm of Cause will begin to find its counterpart, its anchoring point, in the Realm of Effect. If an anchor point is still not in place here, the grid, the pattern of perfection cannot manifest (entirely) here. It is for this reason I believe it will be a continuing process to draw this Pattern “down” into this Realm.

As our consciousness continues to expand, we will be better able to do what we need to to complete this task, and the Grand Experiment will be successfully completed. The fate of the Cosmos itself is reliant upon our efforts. We are here at this time because we want to bring about the true ending of this cycle of learning through suffering and help birth the beginning of the cycle of growth through the experience of ourselves as that which we are: children of Light, beings of Love.

You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. ~Anthon St. Maarten

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3 thoughts on “12/21/12…Another Perspective

  1. Beautiful! And love the “anchoring in” comments – perfect words to read right now. Can’t remember if I told you, I’m following directions and moving to DC – and part of the image coming was of an anchor. A definite feeling of getting the stage set and actors in place – love it. Thank you so much for all you do, Julie Marie! xoxoxo – Mary

    • You are most welcome. And I also have the sense you are being sent there to ‘anchor’ things. I agree the stage is being set, and actors being put in place. Thanks for still taking the time to stop by here.JM

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