Morning Coffee – 12/18/12

The Rest of My Thoughts About Newtown

Cappuccino in Florance (2006)

Just a few more sips and I’ll move on to something else. The primary viewpoint of my worldview centers around the state of consciousness of the beings living in it. The consciousness of the individual, yes, but also the level of the mass consciousness, and how each relates to the other.

What happened at Newtown, and what is (apparently) happening with increasing frequency  across this country, is a reflection of something that is seriously out of balance within the mass consciousness, and we are getting shaken by Awareness to look at ourselves in a different way.

Many are feeling overwhelmed at the immensity of the problem, and the prospect of further blanket solutions that (likely) won’t do much to change the situation or begin to solve it. So shift your thoughts to what you can do, then set about doing it.

Look around your own community and see what needs are not being met. Perhaps you feel that too many violent images contribute to this problem. Start a program that speaks to the importance of limiting a child’s exposure to such things, especially when they have a brain that functions differently (as in the case of many people with autism or other developmental disorders). If you are a parent, do not allow that type of media or material in your home.

What kinds of programs are available in your community when it comes to promoting mental wellness? Do your research, then find a way to take action to ensure there are resources available. Perhaps there are avenues, but the people in your area are not aware of them. Take steps to educate others about them, then.

If you are the parent of a troubled child, get help. Don’t stop until you do. Find a group, or start one if there isn’t one.

The truth here is, all we can do is change our own neighborhood. But if we all begin to do what we can clearly see needs to be done, perhaps there is hope that we will see an end to this cycle.

Buddhist monk in Phu Soidao Nationalpark, Phu ...

We must remain mindful to come from that place of stillness and compassion that lies within all of us, however. Another set of rules and regulations will not stem this tidal wave.

We must be the change we would see in the world. We are the change we would see in the world.

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