12/12/12-12/21/12: A Microcosm?

Trigger for a Nine-year Cycle of Change

A picture of the Natal Microcosm

Oh, boy. Here goes nothing. Please keep in mind I am sharing only my perspective (and often still nascent insights) here. I recently facilitated a small group on the 12/12/12. I spoke publicly about some things I’d been shown that I’d not said to a group before, and found myself thinking a lot from that perspective over the intervening days since the gathering. I found myself coming back repeatedly to the nine-day piece of the presentation I’d made, and how I’d compared that to a symbolic representation of the gestation period for a human being ( which is, for those of you who don’t know, nine months).

Ägypten, Sakkara, Stufenpyramide

I then saw in my mind’s eye a step-pyramid shape, inverted, with the 9 days of 12/12/12-12/21/12 at the apex of that pyramid. It is anchoring its energies into this level of consciousness as I write these words.

The next step of the pyramid as I perceived it, was the next nine months, so that would be December 22, 2012 through September 21, 2013. I feel I want to say be extra mindful of what is “germinating” in your life during this period. If you do not like the shape of things to come based upon your experiences during this time frame, then take the necessary steps to change it before it manifests as your future.

The last step of the (inverted) pyramid spanned a ‘time frame’ of the next nine years, which would start with 2013 and last until the end of 2021. (Something new begins with the year 2022.) All of what I am sharing in this moment is coming in stream of consciousness, and I am relaying the general description of what I am feeling intuitively, but I do not have a clear understanding of what I am perceiving. I can’t make sense of it yet, but what we germinate during the next nine months feels like what we will experience in the ‘future’ nine years, at least.This will hold true for the collective as well as our individual experiences.

I will do some astrological research to see what I can find out about what the Heavenly influences will be, generally, during the next nine years. I have the sense there are a couple of large-scale patterns that will be influencing the collective.

If I had to place a label on what I am perceiving, I would have to say it’s the beginning of the Integration Process of the Ascension Energies. What the heck, we still seem to need a niche into which we can place all the relevant information, so there you go.

Stream has stopped flowing. Thanks for reading.

I will post again after my retreat.

We are the Cosmos, sleeping. ~me

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5 thoughts on “12/12/12-12/21/12: A Microcosm?

  1. May you be refreshed.
    May you be strengthened.
    May you be inspired.
    May you be filled with love.

  2. Thanks for your perspective, it always gives me something to think about. I hope you truly enjoy a restorative retreat 🙂

    • I did, despite the change in circumstances. It brought home to me the importance of time away from certain activities. Allows for more time for other things. In this case, allowed some room for introspection and just being with myself.

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