No More Procrastination

Here Is My Thirty Minutes on “Just Do It”

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I am timing myself today. I am giving myself exactly thirty minutes to get this done. Not a second more. I want to see just what I can accomplish in thirty minutes of stream of consciousness writing.

The biggest obstacle to a better life is procrastination. Tomorrow never comes, and yet it is one of the most often used excuses as to why we cannot start today. The other thing that sabotages any effort we may want to make towards having a different life experience is self-doubt. Going up against these two is an uphill battle. I know. I’ve gone a few rounds with each of them, and sometimes have been up against both at the same time. No, they don’t fight fair.

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I smoked cigarettes since I was in my teens, and only quit in my early twenties when I found out I was going to have a baby. After I gave birth, I went back to the cigarettes, figuring I would be able to control my formerly two-pack a day habit. Wrong.

My battle to be free of cigarettes really only began after I had relapsed and had been smoking again for another ten years or so. It was when my daughter began asking me to stop that I took an honest look at the habit and determined I wanted to do something about it. I tried to quit smoking for the next decade. Multiple times. After the first couple of failed attempts, I was slow to try again because I really didn’t believe I would ever be free of a nasty habit I knew was killing me.

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I found myself vowing to quit on a specific date, or by a certain time, but the days and weeks would pass, and nothing changed. I still smoked. Every few months or so, I would take a half hearted stab at quitting, but I wasn’t serious about it. I did hypnosis. I tried cold turkey. I tapered. I did the patches thing. Every time I gave in, I beat myself up over it, too. What a loser I was. I couldn’t even get control over this one thing. The cycle of defeat and self-blame contributed to the procrastination, and I kept on puffing my life away.

It wasn’t until I worked on the problem from a different perspective, and determined I was an addict and that as such, smoking “just one” was not in my future that I was able to wake up one day and decide I was a non-smoker.

I just did it. Was it that easy? Hell no. The withdrawal was brutal, but my improved health was worth it. I white knuckled my way through the withdrawals because I knew if I gave in to the cravings I was having, I would be back up to two packs a day within a few days.

Looking back, I can see that one of the most important components to my (eventual) success is kicking that habit became something I wanted more than anything else in my life. Until the desire to be a non-smoker outweighed the physical addiction, I could not win my battle to live a smoke-free life.

I kept telling myself every day I didn’t want to smoke any more. I asked God to please help me. (I am Catholic, so God is who gets all such requests. God also receives all the praise and gratitude.) I tended that fire of desire, and somehow broke the cycle of procrastination and self-doubt in the process.

It is easy to say, but not so easy to do, this “just do it” thing, but I have experienced the power of it in my life.

What thing in your life is keeping you from your victory? What would your life look like if you just went ahead and did something to change it?

Time’s up.

We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospect. ~Anais Nin

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  1. I see a theme here to the last 3 posts (well I started with the newest and went backward). But all good advice, & good timing, for me. Thanks as always. 🙂

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