Crossing the Finish Line

The Importance of Finishing What You’ve Started

The finish line

Despite my resolve to take this week off, I found myself jumping into the Daily Post writing challenge pool. I committed to writing something each day for seven days. This is the final post, and fulfills the promise I made to myself when I began.

The emotion that came with completing something in a timely manner and the realization that I was able to stay focused on the task and tend to all the other things I have on my plate now was a surprise. I didn’t anticipate the feeling of accomplishment I had as I completed this challenge.

I learned some things about myself with this exercise, and I am taking action on the things I can complete before the end of this year because of what I’ve learned. The most important thing is this: energy gets locked up in all of our incomplete projects, in the words we intended to say but did not, and in the things we intended to start but didn’t get around to.

In order to have more energy available to create something new in our experience, we must first reclaim as much of we’ve already obligated to other things. I would encourage you to help yourself by spending some time making a list of the things you intended to do, but for whatever reason you did not do, over the past year. Release them. All of them. Forgive yourself if you must for not getting around to it. The truth is that if those things had truly been important to you, you would have found a way, you would have made the time to get it done. Accept that. Time to move on.

The Cheshire Cat vanishes in Wonderland.

Claim all the energy from these undone things. Take a moment to imagine each one disappearing like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, and as it fades, gather the energy that gets released into a container that labeled  “My Creative Energy”. Imagine the container filling up with the creative energy you are recycling and releasing by letting those unfulfilled intentions go.

Do the same thing with the things you wanted to say but didn’t. You can free up the energy if you take the time to write it down. You don’t have to communicate directly with the person in question, you simply have to express it. Burning the paper is an appropriate finish to this exercise.

For those projects that you started and haven’t quite finished for whatever reason, I would suggest you evaluate whether there are any that you can complete before the end of the year, and if there are some, then take the time to complete them.

If you have projects that are too complicated for you to complete now, take a step towards the end goal. This could mean taking the time to map out a strategy for how you will bring it to completion in the weeks and months ahead. Set specific goals for yourself for each part of the process to help yourself stay on track.

If the preparation phase for something is almost complete, then take the first step in the action plan and carry it out before the year’s end. There is something about the energy that is coming in at this time that lends itself to supporting our wrapping things up at whatever stage in the manifestation process we find ourselves. Take advantage of it. Cross that finish line.

It feels good.

Tell me, what is it  you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~Mary Oliver

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