Morning Coffee – 12/31/12

One Last Cup

Español: Un café con leche y un cruasán.

What better way to finish up this year than with a morning cup of coffee?  Let me share a cup with you one last time.

I thought I was done writing for this year, obviously not.  This morning cup is a quick one because I am busy – in an almost obsessed way – with tying up as many loose ends as I can as well as at the same time setting into motion the things that are most important to me that I want to experience in my life in 2013.

As with all of these things when they happen to me, I think it’s all about me and only me until I start hearing about what’s going on in other people’s lives.  When I see the pattern, I understand there’s something bigger going on.

Since there’s still some time left to at least take the first steps in both of the categories I mentioned above, I thought I would at least pour me a quick cup of coffee and share this little tidbit of news with you.

I have been feeling pushed to either finish up or get moving on various projects I’ve intended to start or complete this year.  The energy has been building for a few days, since around the 28th of December.  I didn’t get the connection until I was responding to someone’s e-mail this morning and they mentioned how something they’d just done ‘didn’t feel right until this exact moment’, and it was something they’d had on their back burner for over a year.

The full Moon was the 28th. I feel there’s something different about the energies that this full Moon is bringing.  I can’t tell you why, but it feels like this influence finishes at the stroke of midnight December 31st.

My sense is that any project you complete, or any new project you put energy into during this brief window, will have an extra ‘assist’ from the Company of Heaven and the Light Realms. I am setting the things in motion which mean the most to me in the coming year, and am finishing up as many things as I can as well which will help free up more energy to manifest the new into my life.

Since there’s still time for you to take advantage of this energy, I decided and to take a few minutes away from the work I’m doing to complete my list to tell you about it. I just did.

I want to take another moment to express my gratitude to all of you for continuing to visit me here.  I will continue to write and post things in 2013, just not as frequently.  There are other projects that I need to attend to, and since there’s only one of me, something has to give.

My wish for all of you is that 2013 will bring greater joy, peace, and fulfillment to your lives.  See you next year.

There is a new post up at IntheCompanyofAngels.

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7 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 12/31/12

  1. Dear Julie,
    Your blog has been up-lifting, informative and eye-opener for deep spiritual/awareness topics for me. Wish you the best for this New Year 2013 and hope to keep getting your wisdom shared with us all who you enjoy reading your blogs. You are an inspiration and my hero.

  2. Hi Julie, wow I had better get busy with all my own unfinished projects then.. 🙂 Im so happy to have that last cup of coffee with you in 2012… What a year it has been… And so Happy to be sharing it along side you… I know I haven’t been able to visit as often as Id like.. but despite my lapses, I thank you for sharing your thoughts of enlightenment with us… You have been an inspiration to many I am sure..

    And I so have related to many of your posts..
    I hope that you get your projects finished and new ones underway.. and I thank you on behalf of Spirit whom I know you know are saying a BIG Thank you..

    Happy New Year to you from Dreamwalker’s To you.. Bright Blessings for 2013
    Hugs Sue

    • Was getting ready to sign off, and the comment bubble appeared. Curiosity flared, and I quickly clicked. What a nice surprise to find it was you, Sue. I’ve actually been wondering how things were going in your world and sending you my best wishes for a blessed 2013, as well, and here you are…appearing as if in magical response to my thoughts. I do understand the desire to take the time to wander the blog-neighborhood, but the lack of linear time available to actually do it. Will make a quick dash over to your space. Then really HAVE to get busy. Still some things on that list. Heartfelt gratitude to you. This world is a brighter place because of your presence in it.

  3. Sharing, sharing, sharing, and thank YOU so much for sharing, JM. Happy starting and finishing, and a good slide into 2013 tonight – we can burn the midnight oil together with our check-marks. 😀 — mcb

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