January Energy Report – 2013

Reminders and an Overview

Here is a short list of the major transits that affect all the monthly energies as we move through this year. All of the transits I mention here involve the slower moving outer planets. Each outer planet is the higher octave expression of one of the inner planets, and the outer planets link our individual souls to the group soul, to the collective of humanity. In other words, these transits affect the mass consciousness.

HST image of Uranus showing cloud bands, rings...

Uranus in Aries – This transit began in 2012, and will continue through May 2018. Uranus is the ‘change agent’. The energy is about breaking apart existing, outworn patterns of thought. The last time this was influencing world events was from April of 1927-March of 1935. This period brought us the end of the roaring 20’s, the stock market crash, and the Great Depression. This is a time of sudden genius and insight, and is about evolution, often through sudden or unexpected change.
Uranus is the higher octave expression of Mercury, which is all about communication.

Neptune in Pisces – This transit began in February 2012, and will be influencing things through September 2015. This aspect is about shifting the frequency of entire generations when it is active. Neptune influences creativity, spiritual connection, and intuition. It is the higher octave vibration of Venus, the symbol of the Divine Feminine.

Neptune is about dissolving boundaries and can also bring betrayal, disappointment and or deception. This process can be particularly painful, as under Neptune’s influence, we only see what we want to see. When we find ourselves going through such a situation, we must not lose sight of the blessing these experiences are bringing: It is dissolving our boundaries, our limitations, and freeing us up to move on in our lives. Sometimes we just have to let it go.

Pluto in Capricorn – This transit began in 2008, the year the current recession began, and will continue through 2023. Pluto is about restructuring, death and rebirth. We will continue to experience the effects of this transit in the form of ongoing shifts in governments and financial systems through the end of this cycle with Pluto.

These transits assist us in taking control in our lives. It is a good time for cleaning up and throwing out what no longer serves you, that you no longer need. Finish up those tasks you’ve been procrastinating over.

Pluto is the higher octave expression of Mars.

Uranus square Pluto series continues. This series of seven squares began June 24, 2012 and the last square will occur on March 16, 2015. The next two in the series will happen this year on May 20th and November 1st, with the one on November 1,2013 being the mid-point in the series. Uranus is about freedom, and can usher in radical change. Pluto concerns power structures and a square aspect indicates conflict and tension.

Look for continued upheavals in outmoded structures globally through 2015.

The Transformation Continues

This illustration shows the approximate sizes ...

The radical transformation continues planet-wide this year, and continues through 2014. The Saturn  conjunct Pluto affects all of us, and impacts entire generations. Saturn, the teacher of lessons that shows us our limitations, and Pluto the planet of purification combine to continue to bring light to our collective shadow side. On an individual level, we can expect our lives to be restructured as well. This can happen in all areas, and can be a difficult transition.

The doors have opened for us collectively, and we must walk through them. Instead of struggling against the inevitable change, we are best served by choosing to embrace it instead. Thanks to Pluto’s continuing influence, we will continue to ‘process’ our stuck emotions if we are open to clearing that old energy out of our fields.

We begin the month with Mars in Aquarius which is a challenge. This is a chance for us to do it differently, to respond in a different way when anger comes our way, or when we feel the urge to express it ourselves. We can tend to over-react under this influence, so having that awareness is helpful.

New Moon January 11 – This new moon will be an excellent time to focus on being more organized and responsible, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Full Moon January 27 – This will be a good time to connect to heart and do some work with breaking the remaining ties that bind us to our often painful pasts. This full moon carries with it the strong energy of change. It’s an excellent opportunity to release any left over limiting thought patterns about yourself you haven’t been able to let go of yet.

I love this time of year, because it gives us all the opportunity to start over again, to wipe the slate clean and rewrite our experiences. We cannot sit and wait for the change to come to us, however, we must actively participate in the creation of our new life experiences, our collective new world.

If you didn’t get it done before the end of 2012, the grace of this month is now you have extra support from the heavens to ground in those changes you want to make. You still have to do your part, but now it will be easier, at least through mid-February.

Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective. ~B.K.Chesterton

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  1. Spot on! This is totally happening in my life right now from moving to a new home to starting a new business. It’s so exciting and at the same time, I wake in the early hours and I can feel my fear of letting go of the comfortable familiar for the exhilaration of the unknown. I AM totally choosing to embrace all the changes as the best thing that could happen! Thanks for this.
    Love you!

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