Morning Coffee – January 4, 2013

Take the Long View

Cafe Mocha

Here’s a quick cup for this morning. Now that all the ‘Big Day’ has passed, there’s a lot of talk about how “nothing happened, see? Just like the Y2K thing. Life goes on.”

That’s true enough, but what I would like to propose here is that we remember that we are talking about a shift of the ages, not a single day. This age-shifting process may happen in the blink of an eye, but it’s the Creator’s eye-blink, and who knows how long it takes for that to happen.

It could be decades. It could take a few centuries. One thing is for certain: we don’t just wake up one day and the old age is completed (which is the lesson of 12/21/12). We still have to get up and ‘chop wood, carry water’ as the saying goes, and that is regardless of the ‘age’ we are living in. The only change for us this time is the potential to be doing our tasks with more awareness.

Keep in mind that the choices we make now are creating the patterns for our experience in the next age, this age they call Aquarius. Walk in beauty. Be at peace. Live to your highest potential. Take the high road, so that all may follow the path you create by living your life more consciously.

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7 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – January 4, 2013

  1. Just another big dollop of Trust and Knowing and being Mindful when the Ego Mind tries to bring doubt into the equation! Everything is Perfect and All is Well.

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