2013: A Look Ahead

2013 – The Year of Change

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

Every year, I receive a phrase to describe the overall energy for the coming 12 months. This year’s theme is – no surprise here, really – “change”.

The major multi-year transits that are influencing us will play a major role in the coming months.

Our transformation on the physical, cellular level continues with the incoming energies continuing to impact our brain functioning and our bodies. The consciousness bridge  is built, the anchoring process completed, despite what many others are saying out there on the world-wide web. Now the merging process, the integration process, begins. I know it sounds like I am making a distinction that has no difference, but how we work with the energies now is important, and ‘anchoring’ is a different process from ‘integrating’.

Our shift to a new way of being will ratchet up another notch this year as we continue to reorganize our world and determine our place in it.  The old dramas won’t work so well any more, so don’t be surprised to see more discussion in the public forums about these outmoded structures. An example would be the distribution of resources, especially economic resources.

Relationships on all levels will be up for reconsideration this year as well. Your relationship to yourself, your relationship with others, the individual’s relationship to the state, and relationships between nations.

The Divine Feminine will continue to make her increasing presence known, and will begin to speak out more this year. Look for more women to ascend to positions of power, and do not be surprised if the work of ‘mother’ is not given the level of acknowledgement it rightly deserves. This is the most important job on planet, the raising of the next generation, and we need to acknowledge that.

We need to become more conscious as consumers this year as well. Take the time to determine where you spend your money. Are you purchasing goods made by the hands of a child or a worker under inhumane conditions? The only way to change these things is to vote with our pocketbooks, and as we make more conscious choices, we raise our vibration, which opens us up to greater awareness, which makes us more conscious in our lives. Yes, it is a cycle that we can encourage by our actions.

One of the primary tasks of 2013 is to recognize and to live to our true potential, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The most important thing you can do this year is be clear, or get clear, about what it is you intend for yourself, for your life. Intent Is Everything applies, especially to this year.

250px-CornstarchCymatics_ccThe Earth continues her journey of Ascension, and so do we. The crystalline latticework within our bodies is working to vibrate in harmony (sympathetic resonance) with her increasing frequencies. If you are familiar with Cymatics which is the study of visible sound and vibration, then imagine that the Earth is the surface being vibrated. The incoming frequencies being transmitted to the planet are the “sound”, and humanity is the sand (or cornstarch) that  is arranging itself into a beautiful new pattern as we respond to the different frequencies we are now receiving.

The heart is the point of integration, my Teachers told me 25 years ago. That is where we need to center our attention now and in the coming years. According to numerology, 2013 is a “6” (add the digits together and reduce until you have a single digit). 6 is the number of love. The heart chakra is all about the expression of love and how our relationship to it. This year, we must be guided by our heart’s own Truth. We shall create our experiences as a species for the next cycle based upon the choices we make now. Change is coming. Change is here.

Let him who would move the world first move himself. ~Socrates

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