Without Knowing Why…

I Surrendered

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I promised myself a retreat, and I gave myself one.  From 12/20/12 to 12/22/12, I stayed off-line and did not speak to anyone.

I had planned to give myself some quiet time away from my usual environment, but that was not to be – at least not this week.

I encourage people to follow their guidance even when they don’t understand the message they’re receiving.  Honoring that which comes from within by first acknowledging the signal and then acting upon it despite any evidence in the physical world you may have to the contrary is what this blog is all about.

I just had the chance to, once again, live this truth for myself.  Here’s what happened:

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My bags were packed, the car loaded with my suitcases and the cooler of food.  I was ready to go.  The instant I sat in the car and reached to put the keys in the ignition, I got the signal that tells me I’m getting ready to head in the wrong direction, or to do something I may want to reconsider. As I’ve said here before, our soul has a greater perspective and can see farther down the pathway than our personality level can.  In this moment, it was up to me to decide whether I was going to pay attention to this signal or ignore it.  This day, I chose to pay attention.

I got out of the car, and took the cooler of food and my suitcase of clothing back upstairs.  I then mentally held the thought that it was my intention to get in the car and go mail the packages that needed to get out whether I went to my retreat or not. No heat flared up, which meant it was ok to go to the post office and mail the packages.

I mailed the packages, and on impulse, went to the store and bought a few extra food items.  I came home, and called the retreat place to let them know I was delaying my departure until the following morning.

When I woke up in the morning and looked out the window, everything was white.  Contrary to the weather predictions, my area did get snow during the night.That’s when I understood the “you’re getting ready to go the wrong way” signal I’d received the day before.

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When I came into the office to call the retreat center and let them know I would be unable to make it at this time, I noticed the message light on the phone was blinking.  (If the office door is closed, I can’t hear the phone when it rings.)You’ve probably figured out by now who the message was from.  Yes, it was the director at the retreat center urging me to stay home.

The storm that blew through my area that night did considerable damage on the other side of the state.  They had a downed tree blocking their driveway and no power to the property which meant no water pressure, either.  There were guests already on the property that were being given the option to leave or stay in the dark.  As I reached for the phone to place my call, the phone rang, and I could see that it was the director calling again.

I could hear the stress in his voice.  He wanted to make sure I hadn’t already left, and told me he had some other guests he needed to contact as well.  He didn’t know how long it would take to clear the driveway or to get the power back on, as the problem is pretty widespread there.  He told me he’d keep me posted.  I told him I would pray for him and for the other guests staying on the property who now found themselves trapped  there.

I gave thanks for the guidance from Spirit, and acknowledged myself for having followed that guidance even when there was no apparent reason to stay home.  I’ve had a lot of opportunities recently to learn the lesson of following Spirit’s guidance with impeccability whether I understand the reason for it or not in that moment.

One of the other things that I am repeatedly reminded of is that the Universe does not waste energy.  I will know what I need to know when I need to know what and not a moment before.  This time the understanding came pretty quickly, but it doesn’t always. I’m just glad I chose to listen.

Trust in yourself. Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe. ~Claudia Black

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6 thoughts on “Without Knowing Why…

  1. 🙂 I think our Higher selves knows exactly which road we should travel and when… We just so often don’t follow those inner signals that our gut tells us.. Thankfully you listen to your InnerSelf..
    Thank you for sharing your experience Julie…. Hope the weather eases up soon.. We are now being forewarned about Snow and Icy blasts heading our way at the weekend.. looks like I had better put by boots and spade in the car as Im working most of the weekend.., 🙂
    Take care ~ and so happy that you Listened! 🙂 Sue xx

    • Oh, me too! Have been getting many opportunities to integrate this on some really subtle levels of late. Time to make this way of being my way of being in the world. You take care, Sue. Blessings.

  2. Same wavelength again – was just talking about this to a group Sunday, hadn’t intended to speak, but it came to be said, so I said it. And I keep reminding myself of the same thing as well. Just trust it – it’s all there, in that moment. Happy Tuesday evening ~~~

    • Never ceases to amaze me, how it this all works. Just trust. As you and I both know, sometimes easier said than done. Thank goodness this time, was easier done. I just surrendered to the situation in the moment, and was very happy I listened.

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