Morning Coffee – 01/10/13

A Matter of Perspective

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I’ve been getting a lot of lessons in perspective lately.  Perspective is defined as one’s point of view, but can also be described as the relationship of one thing or person to another.

I’ve written here already about some of the insights I’ve had lately about relationships in my life.  Yesterday I had a conversation with somebody that illustrated a totally different side to this thing we call “perspective”.

I’ve been participating in a group effort where I had the perception that I wasn’t doing very well. I did not interact with other members of the group much, so I didn’t know how well they were doing. I only had my results to go by. Over the months I participated, based upon my output, I thought it wasn’t very good.  My perspective was that I was mediocre at best.

The conversation yesterday gave me a different view entirely. Again, it was like the relationship situations, only in a “good” way. What I mean by that is that relative to the other participants, I was actually doing well. I am going to do some spiritual exploring on this matter of perspective. I am beginning to have the sense that it colors our experience of things in a much more significant way than I’d previously suspected.

So thank you for the insight, my friend.

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