Retreat Is Possible Anywhere, Any Time

My In-Home Retreat Experience

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This was an interesting few days for me.  I’d wanted to go on retreat for months, but hadn’t been able to make room in my schedule to give myself that gift of peace and silence.  Recently, with all the preparations completed for my three-day retreat, it got canceled by Spirit at the last moment.

Left with no alternative, I did the next best thing: I went on retreat in my house.  I did not go to the store, I did not watch TV, I did not go online, I did not answer the telephone.

I did the things I would have done had I been able to go to the hermitage overlooking the river.  I wrote in my journal.  I sat in silence.  I asked for guidance.  I recorded the messages I received.

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For what, indeed is a retreat after all? Yes, it can be a place. There are many types to choose from depending upon your intent and focus, and range from luxurious spa-like venues to rustic, connect directly to God spots.

To the dictionary I go: the word retreat means the act or process of withdrawing, a period of retirement or solitude, especially for prayer or meditation.

I do spend a lot of time alone, but I don’t necessarily spend it in focused silence and contemplation, which was the goal of the retreat away I’d planned to take. I’ve discovered over the few days I chose to do a retreat at home that with intention and a little planning, I could derive some benefit from time in focused silence.

I made a special point to not even talk out loud to myself, which I find myself doing a lot of while I go about my day. I also chose not to speak out loud to my guidance or to Spirit during this time period. I found my awareness sharpened by not dissipating the energy through the activation of my throat chakra, which happens whenever we speak or make sound of any sort.

The clarity about certain situations in my life that I gained from the experience was worth the effort it took to exercise some self-discipline and be on retreat without leaving my home.

Taking some time to be in silence, to give oneself a technology vacation, can reconnect us to what is truly important: the still, small voice that speaks to us loudly if we would but take the time to listen.

I am going to make more room for going into the Silence in the coming months. It was well worth the effort it took to follow through despite not being able to leave my home.

Why not consider giving yourself the gift of quiet contemplation this year? 

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2 thoughts on “Retreat Is Possible Anywhere, Any Time

  1. I have had to resort to doing retreat at home sometimes and it can be a real pleasure!

    • I discovered it’s really all about the intention, and the follow through. I was surprised at the benefit that came from just the unplugging part, from not answering the phone just because it was ringing. I now give myself permission to ‘retreat’ daily from the world. It has become part of my evening ritual to spend some time by myself, with myself. It has been interesting to say the least.

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