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Learn to Trust Your Guidance

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One of the questions I am most frequently asked is “How do I know I am getting ‘real’ guidance?” In other words, people want to know how to determine whether the message is coming from their ego or imagination or from their guides and guidance.

One of the most often recommended practices is daily meditation. I will be honest and reveal a secret: for me, the guidance connection came first, the meditation came later.

Well, then, how did you do it? Simple, really. I started acting on the impressions I was receiving. The more I followed, the stronger the ‘signal’ got. The stronger the signal got, the more I followed. I quickly learned the difference between how a Spirit-based communication felt and when it was something else. When I followed a communication that came from Spirit, the outcome was always, 100% of the time, positive.

I used the trial-and-error method to train myself to learn the difference. I stumbled more than I ran those first few months, but I didn’t quit. It quickly became part of how I live my life, to the point that now I can’t really tell where the Spirit guidance begins and my rational mind takes over, because when it’s Spirit I know it.  I have had enough experience over the years to know without a doubt that Spirit is always right.

It requires a suspension of logic to navigate this path with confidence, and you must remember to be patient with yourself. You will not always get it, even after years of diligent practice. Yes, I said it. Years of diligent practice. I still miss things. Sometimes some pretty important things. At least I have enough awareness about it that I can usually ‘fix’ my error in perception before it’s too late.

You can start with the simple things and work your way up to the more important ones. For example, when you go to the store next time, ask to be led to the perfect parking spot. Then follow your hunches. Or you can ask who is calling when the phone rings (provided you don’t have caller ID). Do this before you pick up the phone, and see how close you were. You will find that your accuracy will get better with practice.

What color will (pick a co-worker you see often) be wearing today? Keep track of your intuitive hits, and the actual results. Take any opportunity to practice your ‘listening’ skills. It will strengthen your spiritual hearing (clairaudience). The crucial thing here is to trust the very first thing that comes to you. Don’t second guess yourself, because that is how the ego or monkey mind will trap you by planting the seed of doubt in your awareness.

Another thing you can try is to sit quietly, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths into your belly, and ask Spirit to give you a message.  I started asking to receive just one word, but I asked that it come through clearly so I would have no doubt what the word was.

Whatever came to me, I wrote down and then watched for how it applied to my day or to my life situation. I soon discovered that these single word messages, sometimes designed to encourage me and support my efforts to strengthen my connection to Spirit, were always on point.

As I evolved, so too did the communication. Soon I received pictures, or song lyrics, or whole sentences. The day arrived when I began to bring through messages from Spirit for others. After many years of providing this service, I have begun to teach others how to do this for themselves.

Remember it is a process, and you will certainly get out of this exercise much more than you put into it. The Universe stands ready to lift us up, if we would but allow it.

The key is to continue to reaffirm your willingness to follow your inner guidance to the best of your ability. When you do this, your ability to follow your inner guidance will improve. Resist the temptation to beat yourself up when you have a misstep. Do not forget to give yourself props when you do get it right. It is important to support yourself as you work on building this skill. Sometimes you are the only member of the team, and as coach-player, you must do both jobs.

With growing confidence will come a stronger connection. Do not be surprised if you begin to get input from Spirit before you even ask for it. Our needs are known before we know of them ourselves, and by being more open to assistance from the Light Realms, we increase their ability to help us on our journey. The day will come when you won’t remember what it was like not to have the loving support of your spirit guides and angels as well as your connection to your higher guidance. Just keep working with it.

This one simple practice is a spiritual path in and of itself, especially if you give it focused attention. Once you are comfortable with this level of connection, and are confident in your ability to interpret the messages you are receiving, you can begin to have larger, more important conversations with your Guides and your Spirit (High Self). What comes through will be enlightening, uplifting, and often quite profound.

There is no limit to what you can learn through this type of communication. The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

Invisible threads are the strongest ties. ~Friederich Nietzche

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