Morning Coffee – 01/15/13

Time for Another Cup

A cappuccino.

I was reminded recently that this is the time of year to sort the seeds and prepare for the Spring planting season.

I would like to share this simple, yet powerful, exercise with you today. Last year, we planted seeds that brought results. We planted the seeds with our intention and watered them with our attention. If weeds came up, maybe we pulled them out, and maybe we didn’t. Perhaps we didn’t give our garden enough water, or maybe we watered it too much.

South Central Farm in the city of Los Angeles ...

This is an excellent time of the year to take stock of what worked, and what didn’t work, for you last year. Make a list of the major things you wanted to accomplish. Then assess whether or not, or to what extent, you met those goals.

Also record what you did produce last year. Ask yourself if it was what you wanted to grow in your life. If not, then now is the time to sort the seeds and eliminate the ones that did not produce the desired results.

Once you have cleared away these seeds, you now have made room (metaphorically) for new plantings. Take the time to envision what you would plant for yourself in the Spring. Set your intention, and commit to it.

An effective way to consciously work your creative process is to go to the store and buy some actual flower seeds that you can plant in the Spring. You can tend your physical garden with the intention of putting energy towards whatever it is you want to grow in your life this year.

Happy sorting!

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