Daily Spiritual Practice ~ The Next Step

Building Trust

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Once you have become comfortable with being open and responsive to the guidance you receive from Spirit, here is a practice I started in the beginning of my journey that I still do to this day that you may find both intriguing and helpful at the same time.

When I started this practice, I used a typewriter. It was one of the new fangled ones with three pages of memory storage capacity on it. I could turn on the memory, and it wouldn’t make any clacking sounds as I used the keyboard. When I finshed with the exercise, I would hit ‘print’ and out would come what I had just typed into the memory.

When I would read these pieces right after I wrote them, they didn’t seem like much, but when I let them sit awhile and then read them later, well, that’s when I was most often surprised by what had come out of, or perhaps the better word is through, me.

I suggest you approach this as if it were an interesting experiment. Be as detached in your approach as possible, and you will have greater success. All you really need to do this exercise is something to write with, and something to write on. You choose.


Use your imagination to select a wise, enlightened being you would like to learn from. It can be any being, living or not. Perhaps you would like to know what the Buddha would say about something. Or what Jesus’ point of view is. Maybe Mother Mary or Kwan Yin has words of wisdom for you.

Write your question at the top of the page, then allow yourself to record the words of the wise, enlightened person you wished to learn from. Remember when you were a child and played make-believe? Well, if nothing comes to mind, then just pretend to write what you believe that wise person would have to say.

Once you have recorded the response, you can give thanks and end the exercise, or choose to ask further questions.

You may find that over time, the tone and flow of the words will change, and the information is coming from somewhere other than your own conscious mind. The more you practice, the better your results will be.

When we are open to Divine Guidance we will receive it…It will come in many ways, but it will come. ~Julia Cameron

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4 thoughts on “Daily Spiritual Practice ~ The Next Step

  1. What a great exercise, Julie. It was suggested to me long ago. Your article at this time is the gentle prodding, methinks. Thank you.

  2. Trusting to listen to Divine Guidance is based upon ‘Trust’…
    All my channelled pieces of writing I practised linking into that space of thought that is found within the practice of regular meditation as we link to that realm of higher self..
    Great Post and good advice 🙂
    Sue xox

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