Morning Coffee – 01/28/13

Group Co-Creation


As I sip this morning’s cup, I find myself thinking about the world I would like to be living in, and a thought came to me.

We create our individual experience, yes, but also because we are all connected, we create together, cumulatively, the world we live in. There is a lot going on that is not what any of us would like to see or experience in life, and tremendous amounts of energy and attention is given to these things.

We all know that energy flows where attention goes, and our attention on such matters only succeeds in giving them a greater life span. Here’s my thought for the day as I sip my cup of coffee: why don’t we all agree to focus on what we would like to see in the world instead?

Commit to generating only strong, positive thoughts about a world of beauty and peace. Make it as vibrant and alive as you can. As you sip your morning cup, close your eyes and imagine yourself in this wonderful world, walking and talking with those you love and care for.

Smell the scent of the fragrant flowers. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, and let your eyes take in the spectacular colors of the sky above you, and the earth beneath your feet.  Allow yourself to feel the tickle of the moist dew-soaked grass between your toes.

If you’d like, find yourself a comfortable place to sit and rest a moment and finish your morning cup. Perhaps you are leaning up against a tree and you can feel the energy of the tree flowing deep into the earth, and you sense your own connection to the planet getting stronger.

Take a breath, and open your eyes. Now go on with your day, but I have a feeling you will start it with a different attitude. And who knows how much impact your contribution to the world we all would like to see birthed here will have? We’ll have to just wait and see together.

This simple exercise would only take a few minutes a day. It’s easily incorporated into your routine. All you have to do is close your eyes and use your imagination.

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