February Energy Report – 2013

What Will You Build?

image of a whirling galaxy of stars

For most of us, January was the month of serious physical clearing.  Many of us did this work by experiencing a severe cold or the flu.  We cleared out old karma and other issues that were gunking up our systems, and now we can look forward to beginning to build our new foundation.

The energies of February continue to support our decision-making process as to what we will build for ourselves and what type of life experiences we will have moving forward.  The seed sorting continues.

Artist's rendition of Earth's magnetosphere.

Many of us have been feeling a change in the energy lately.  A massive eruption of magnetic energy from the center of our galaxy was announced on January  2, 2013.  There was more magnetic energy released in this event than happens with a supernova.  The sun was at its closest point to earth this time.We are already feeling the effects of this burst, even though we aren’t able to articulate the changes that it’s bringing.

2013 will be the year of emotions, the year of water, the year of spirituality.  Don’t be surprised if there are more physical changes that are caused by, or related to, water.  Don’t be surprised if you are less able to control your emotions this year. Remember that this is our opportunity to clear out the stagnant energies in our subtle bodies. And like the flowers in spring, watch for the emergence of fresh shots of spirituality to sprout planet-wide.

Transformation will continue in the Middle East.  For those of you who work with planetary energies, send stabilizing, peace, and the energies of ease and grace to this area.  It is much-needed at this time.

Around the middle of the month, pay attention to your energy.  An asteroid will to pass close to Earth.  There is potential for disruption of earth’s magnetic field as well as our own auric fields.  Stay grounded.  Be the observer.  All is well.

The Continuing Uranus Square Pluto Influence

This influence continues to apply pressure to bring change.  We can see the global impact of this when we look to the Middle East, and it is likely we are experiencing it in our own lives.  Many of us are feeling the slippage of the firm foundation we thought we had under our feet.

What a wonderful opportunity for growth we have here!  Trust.  Faith. Time to build those spiritual muscle groups.  We have to have faith in the process of breaking down in order to build anew.  We must learn to trust that there’s a new day, a new way, coming.

I’ve written a lot about sorting the seeds.  As you complete this process, remember to keep what is real, discard anything that does not serve you as you move forward on your path this year.  Chiron’s presence as the planet of the wounded healer is lending support to any healing work that still needs to happen in order for you to move into your next level of experience.

The Planets that are Shifting Signs in February

Venus is moving from Capricorn into Aquarius this month.  While Venus was in Capricorn, the focus was on efficiency and organization.  With this move into Aquarius, the Venus influence is in the area of our larger goals and ideas.  Those things you were contemplating in late December are now up for evaluation. Time to decide what that structure you are building is going to look like.

Mars is making its way into the emotional sign of Pisces this month.Pisces is all about intuition, compassion, expression of feeling, and procrastination. Look for an increase in passive-aggressive behavior in yourself and in others during this period.  Relationships have the potential to be more challenging this month due to Mars’ influence.

Focus on resolving the conflict rather than being part of the escalation.  Again, what a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth.  Operate from the divine place within, and your month will flow more smoothly.

Aquarius New Moon

In keeping with the theme of the season, the clearing out of that which no longer serves, this new Moon will support the letting go of any outworn ideas, beliefs, or mental attitudes.  This is an excellent complement to the physical clearing out we’re finishing up.

This New Moon energy arrives February 10th.Take time to rest the few days around the 10th as there’s a potential for mental exhaustion with all the clearing that is possible at this time. We have the opportunity to create new pathways, to restructure the way in which we respond to our life circumstances, and that takes energy and effort.  Allow yourself, and your body, the opportunity to successfully navigate these changes.

This is an excellent time to retreat inside of yourself despite the urge you may feel to connect with others.  Group work would be good at this time, but personal one-on-one work might be challenging.

Full Moon on Feb 25th

Time to focus on balance and healing, especially where your physical body is concerned.  Do not be surprised if deep, unconscious patterns and issues surface at this time. Remember that it’s all for your highest good and that the work will be worth it.

Stay grounded as you do this healing work, and you will continue to move successfully in the direction of your highest good.  Writing is an excellent activity now.  It helps to move the energy out of your field as you work to make room for the new. Spend more time in nature and less time connected to your technology.  It will help you shift things.

February Retrogrades

By mid month, we will able to turn our attention to the rebuilding process, especially if we’ve done the work to prepare the space in our energy fields, and thus in our world. With the help of Saturn beginning its retrograde turn around the 18th, take the opportunity to evaluate the reality of your day-to-day life and make plans to change the things you find no longer fit your new intentions.  Set concrete goals for yourself.  Write it down.

A Mercury retrograde begins February 23rd.  Just a few reminders about Mercury  retrogrades.  It can be more challenging to communicate and to reach agreement on things at this time.  If you’re planning to make travel arrangements, major purchases, change jobs or living situations, it is best to wait until after March 17 to do so.

If is not possible to wait, then at least make sure to double-check everything.  Be clear about the terms before you sign on any dotted line during this time.

February will be gone before we even realize it’s come. And then we will be welcoming the energies of Spring. Use this time to finish up the clearing process. Haul those boxes off to the thrift store, or the dump. Get that energy out of your space. It’s important to demonstrate in the physical that we hold the intention to welcome the new energies that are coming in.

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