5 Ways to Increase Intuition

How to Use Your Daily Experiences to Strengthen Your Intuitive Senses

220px-BuddhaintuitionHere’s a big secret: Everyone is intuitive. The only difference between a really gifted intuitive/psychic and ‘normal’ people is the extent to which the individual uses the natural sense we all have.

Intuition serves an important purpose: to give you guidance. Intuition is our connection to our higher power, to the wisdom within.

It is not just for psychic readings. You have probably received intuitive guidance but either didn’t know that what it was you were feeling or you ignored it. Intuition can be useful in making decisions as varied as when to put the house on the market, when to change jobs, which Doctor to take your sick child to, and can provide important information about our relationships.

Intuition Peak from near Pirdop Gate.

We really are all created equal. Some of us have the talent to be a virtuoso, and some of us are only going to be better than average, but all of us can learn to play chopsticks!

Here are a few things I share with people who ask me how they can be more intuitive.

1. PAY ATTENTION. This first thing seems too simple, yet is a highly effective way to increase your intuitive perception. If you start paying attention to your surroundings, I mean really paying attention to your surroundings, you will very quickly realize just how much you are missing.

Try this now. Close your eyes without looking around your room. Now describe to yourself the room you are sitting in. Then open your eyes and take note of how much your eyes do not see despite the fact that it’s likely you spend quite a bit of time in this place.

When you are out on your errands, pay attention to the surroundings. Focus on where you are, and what you are moving through. Mentally note the details. Do not allow your mind to wander to what you feel you need to do later, just stay present in your experience.

How many times have you driven through an area on your way to work and then, one day, noticed something that was there all the time but that you hadn’t been aware of before?

When I say pay attention, I mean use all of your senses, not just your eyesight. What do you hear? How does your body feel? Pay attention when you are by yourself, and when you are with others.

Pay attention, especially to those things that don’t seem to appear to have any relevance.

2. BE WILLING.  The only way for you to learn to identify the difference between your intuitive guidance and your own mind is to act upon the guidance you receive. You must, at some point in this process, be willing to follow or act upon the information you receive. At the very least, it is good to take note of your reactions to people when you first meet them, acknowledge them, and then watch closely to see if that initial reaction about the person was correct or not.

Follow your hunches, especially in the beginning and when there is not a lot at stake. Successful outcomes will strengthen your confidence in your ability to accurately perceive input from your higher wisdom. Record your results, so you will have something to look back on and assess your progress objectively.

3. IGNORE YOUR  LOGICAL MIND. Remember you are learning to trust input coming through your higher senses, not your logical mind. I am not asking you to reject logic in all matters, just in this one. Your logical mind is perfectly suited for such tasks as balancing your checkbook and driving the car, doing the laundry and other such mundane things.

It has a much more limited place when you are working on your intuitive development. But do not throw all logic out the window. Common sense always applies, especially when working with Spirit.

If you have to use your imagination, then use your imagination. Input will come in many ways when Spirit is speaking with you. It can come through your gut feelings, through your spiritual vision, via your dreams, or as thoughts or words in your mind.

4. TRUST WHAT YOU GET. This is the most difficult part of the process. You must learn to trust your guidance, especially in the face of those who will be there to step up and call you crazy or stupid. You must stay in integrity with yourself in order to learn to move effectively in the world with confidence in your intuitive guidance.

As children, we learn to ignore this most precious set of senses that form the foundation of our connection to the Divine within. Our tendency is to squash the information before it even reaches our consciousness. Or we dismiss it when we do become aware of this guidance.

It took time for society to train us out of this way of being, to sever our natural, childlike connection to Spirit. It will take time for you to reconnect yourself so that you regain your ability to perceive beyond your five physical senses.

5. BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. When you were a child, you related to the world in a different way. You surrendered your connection to the magic and mystery of the unseen world after you were told by your parents, teachers, and even your peers sometimes, that your experiences weren’t ‘real’. It’s likely that you surrendered the most real part of your life experience in favor of belonging and normalcy.

Give yourself the time you need to rediscover the intuitive overlay of your life. It has been there, waiting silently, for you to re-engage with it.

The comfort and security that comes from a solid connection with our intuition cannot be measured in worldly terms. You won’t able to explain to one who is not connected in this way about what the difference in your life is, for there are no adequate words to describe it.

The connection is worth the effort and the time you will need to invest in this process. You will rediscover your ability to listen to the still, small voice within. Of that I am certain. Just be patient with yourself.

It is the beginning of a grand adventure.

Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know. ~Anthony D’Angelo

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  1. Thank you very much for the free lesson. This blog is not just a nugget of gold but a big block of solid gold. To live by intuition is the key a fulfilled life. I am going to work on it more than I have been doing.
    Julie, know this from the bottom of my heart: “You are just great.”
    Have a lovely day.

    • Living by intuition is helpful, especially when dealing with the challenges life tosses our way. Figured it was time to give some practical things people can try as they move through their days. JM

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