Morning Coffee – 02/15/13 – Meteorite Strike in Russia Today

Anchoring of the Energy of Sudden Change?

CodazziNagoyaMorning3When I opened my eyes this morning, a song from the 60s was playing loudly in my head, full on orchestration. I was a little confused, as this is often how messages from my guides come in. The song was “Spirit in the Sky”.

A few minutes later, as I came to the keyboard to compose a short piece, I saw the news of a meteorite strike in Russia in Chelyabinsk, an industrial city 950 miles east of Moscow. The meteorite struck there during the night, and definitely stirred things up in the area.

My mind begins to wander, and I begin to wonder about this event. I ask myself some questions, and find myself having some interesting thoughts in response to those questions. It’s morning coffee time, so I’m just going to sip my coffee, and share those thoughts with you here.

Remember, these are my thoughts, they are not pronouncements about anything. I would be interested in hearing how these musings may strike (no pun intended here) your awareness, however.

Things to note around this strike:

There is an asteroid scheduled to pass close by the Earth today. According to the ‘experts’, the recent meteorite strike has nothing to do with this asteroid that’s making a run through our neighborhood. I have the sense they are connected, somehow.

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My first thought was that somehow, humanity’s efforts towards awakening made enough of a difference that a potential extinction event was averted but that there still needed to be an impact, hence the meteorite messenger that touched down last night.

The ancients believed that seeing a meteor (a shooting star) in the night sky was a sign that a gift had been given by Heaven.

To dream of a meteor often means an indication of sudden change in one’s thoughts and perceptions. Radical change could be coming in one’s life. The keywords for this dream symbol are realized, radical change.

Another seemingly unrelated, yet somehow connected, event flew into my awareness: the recent resignation of the Pope. This strike comes close on the heels of that announcement, and we are in the midst of experiencing a series of  seven Uranus square Pluto aspects which are all about radical, sudden change. This series lasts through 2015.

Could the strike event indicate the “grounding” or “anchoring” of this ‘heavenly’ aspect, the energy of sudden change? As above, so below. The energy of change is in the heavens now, and the energies of the universe are being filtered through this prism. Now it appears that that change has been ‘sent’ from the “Spirit in the Sky” to the Earth through the vehicle of this meteoric messenger.

As I take my last sips of coffee this morning, I leave you with this: I have a sense that the changes are going to be accelerating, coming in increasing numbers with greater intensity. The energy feels like when two techtonic plates build up and finally slip past each other releasing tremendous amounts of trapped energy.

But these are just my ruminations, and it’s just a morning cup of coffee, and this is what I felt like sharing with you today.

I will repeat here: I felt moved to share my response to the event. It is just that: my response. It is not meant in any way to do anything else than to cause you to explore your own thoughts and feelings about it. Thank all of you for your feedback.

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6 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – 02/15/13 – Meteorite Strike in Russia Today

  1. As far as I know, Chelyabinsk is one of the most polluted city in area of Ural mountains.
    The trajectory of a meteorite isn’t casual. It sets me thinking… Some people on social networks in Russia also see communication between the latest events, making a reference to the Bible.
    Thank You for sharing your thoughts, Julie! Its always resounds anyway with me.
    Tatiana from Russia.

  2. All the more reason to be putting all the good we can out there – and in here, as well.

    For some reason, this reminds me of an off-the-cuff comment to a friend a while back, talking about anger – we women having to learn to tap into ours, to feel it first, in order to release it and work with the energy. Somewhere from the blue, the words came out on page – “a comet is just an angry star…” and how beautiful they are as they make their presence know. Not the same thing, of course, but the thought came.

    Another thought that just came as I was looking at pics from the Russia event – what came in with this? Catch a free ride, ya know… 🙂

    Happy belated Heart Day ~~

  3. I saw a footage of film on the BBC morning channel which showed the meteorite strike which exploded in daylight Russia taken from a moving vehicle as it tracked it across the sky, the impact caused an explosion… And it was said windows broke and the earth trembled ..

    Interesting thoughts.. and as I also said to my husband over the breakfast table as he watched.. The Signs are being given! 🙂 and we need to take heed of them.

    Many thanks for all your posts

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