Morning Coffee – Some Observations on Living a Spirit-guided Life

English: Medialunas (croissants) and coffee, b...It has been a time of intense testing and clearing for me, and this particular phase has lasted longer than any other I’ve experienced since my awakening. The Fall of 2012 ushered in this transition. At the time, I thought it would be a couple of weeks and all would be back on track. Nope.


As 2012 drew to a close, the temperature kept rising, and the pressure continued to build. I had to remember to remind myself that we are never given a burden heavier than we can carry. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Things and people I thought were stable fixtures in my life proved otherwise, and that knocked me back quite a ways. I even began to doubt that Spirit was there for me. Shouting into the vast blackness of isolation, only my voice echoed back at me, and I began to feel adrift on a sunless sea.



English: Martian sunset: Spirit at Gusev crate...


No matter what I tried, and I have shared a lot of those attempts here, nothing seemed to be working. The only thing I could do was wait for guidance, and continue to prepare for whatever was in store for me next.


I chose to talk about this part of my journey for a selfish reason: Over the years, I have heard from more than one person that they really admired me, and how I (seemed) to have an easier time of things because I could follow Spirit so well, that when I heard guidance, I took action.


Hopefully by sharing this part of my story, I can shift that perspective. I am, like everyone else, currently wearing a meat suit, thoroughly human sometimes.


I knew I was really in the field of doubt when I actually heard one of my more perceptive students say to me the exact words I always tell others: that I would know what I needed to know when I needed to know it, and not a moment sooner, and therefore I needed to relax and trust the process. Well, to argue that point would be to argue with myself, and that is a serious waste of time and energy.


Just within the past couple of days, I have begun to sense, and sometimes even get glimpses of, the Light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I can feel a lifting of the leaden energy that was dragging me down. Things are beginning to lighten up. I feel I have more concrete direction, and will know more about that soon.


What have I learned from this experience? A lot.


Mike Pearson said it best when he commented that “the Universe has billions of ways to keep us humble and fascinated at the same time.” When you commit to living a Spirit-guided life, your life itself becomes the learning tool God uses to build your Soul-strength.


I learned that the further down the spiritual path one travels, the more intense the testing is when one is ready to expand one’s spiritual awareness. Once we get comfortable with the level of challenge in our lives, and we are competent at dealing with it; things shift and we are then challenged to go beyond our self-imposed limits. For those who want to live this life, be informed. It is not an easy path to travel, but it has incredible rewards.


I learned that there are people who are constants in my life, despite the fact that we are only sporadically connected. These people continue to call in just to check in with me, and for that I am so grateful. There is no agenda, no motive other than to find out how I am doing. I need to tend those relationships more, and not worry about the rest.


I need to restructure my view of what I am able to do without. Some things I felt ‘bad’ about are really not worth the negativity, and so I will continue to work on shifting that perspective.


I am aware now that circumstances still tend to rule my mood, which means I am still too invested in the ego-level of my human experience. Well. More work to do. Thank you, Spirit.


I am so blessed to have the presence of my unseen companions with me every day, every hour. Always, in all ways, they are there for me, gently encouraging and comforting when needed. I followed a faint nudging the other day, and I will soon know if it will bear fruit. Whether it does or not, I am grateful for having been given the push, because it was what I needed to lift the dark pall that has clouded my vision of late.


We will be told what we need to know when we need to know it. We just have to keep asking for guidance, and looking for the answer. It will always be there. This lesson in faith was tougher than others I’ve had, but I have the sense it is almost done.


Perseverance does pay. The most important thing about getting knocked down is finding the strength to get up again, no matter how unsteady your footing is. Someone will be there to prop you up.


Here comes the sun again, and I welcome the warmth.


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17 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – Some Observations on Living a Spirit-guided Life

  1. I am right there with you in the meat suit. The last six months have just intensified as time has passed with no let up, and now I am just surrendering. Each day has its own map, I’m not sure what is coming next, but somehow am starting to sense a form building, a feeling of how in being differently I am building a different future. All my trust and faith and hope is being called on. May we all enjoy the sun that is to come!

    • I am fascinated by the commonality in the responses to this little post. Thank you for sharing here, Isabelle. Just proves my point: that there IS a Grand Design in play here, and that we are all part of its unfoldment, whether we are conscious of it or not. If you read through the other comments here, you will clearly see that most of those who took the time to respond have been, or are being, tested beyond what they thought their limits were. The dawn is breaking, however. Soon. Here comes the sun…(son?)…

      • Oh wow I didn’t see the other comments for some reason they didn’t load until now, but I’m so happy to see them! Somehow there is comfort in knowing others and travelling similar pathways. I am only now turning more deeply to a spirit led life after many years ignoring the callings (so quiet!) of my heart. I also wish to thankyou for your sharing of your own journey here, it has been a guiding light of focus for me as I have begun my own shifts and changes. Thankyou! And may you be blessed!

    • Sometimes I hesitate to put it out there, but then a message like yours comes back in response and that makes it worthwhile, the sharing of the trials and tribulations of being human. I know what a difference it can make to feel less alone in an experience. So glad I could be of assistance to you. Keep paddling, sister. Together we will make it to the other side. J

  2. Any sprinter or any long distance runner prepares for years for a performance of sometimes ten seconds in case one hundred meters or less than three hours in case of a marathon or in between times for in between distances. Unfortunately only three are considered to be winners while the rest are like cheerleaders to the first three to arrive first at the finishing line. However, for you Julie, take heart, you will not be number three or number two but number one in your life race. For now, just keep training your patience and keep your spirit alert to the ring of the bell announcing the end of the training season. The end of this phase of your life will soon metamorphoses in a deep sense of accomplishment.

    With love and prayers.

    • It has been a couple of decades of preparation, and perhaps the rest of my life will be preparation. I am – at least as I awakened this morning – in a place of surrender to what is. I will do what comes to me clearly to do. I God wants more from me, then the request will have to be loud, and clear. And so it is. Meantime, I shall paint, and create and learn to play the piano. And maybe write some more. Thank you for the supportive, kind words.

  3. Thank you for this post! Indeed we are all connected in many ways, sometimes we have to choose if we want good or bad connections. Have a beautiful morning. πŸ™‚

    • I hold the intention that someday I will be aware of only the connectedness and nothing else. I am working on the other comment you sent a few days ago. I thank you for the acknowledgement. J

  4. Oh boy, can I relate… just posted this to a group of fellow journeyers this morning:

    “What am I feeling today? At the moment, like something has got to give, and soon. I’ve been running on empty for far too long, and just keep getting told, it’s all timing, wait, wait, wait… am doing my best to practice faith and trust with that, knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in each moment, and that this process is something we are each going through at some level, that I am never tested beyond my ability – and try to encourage myself that I must have *some* ability then. haha Then I try to remind myself that this is just my emotional body and monkey mind trying to take over, and before too long, this too shall pass. And that is how I am feeling today. Thank you for listening. :)” And as you shared, so many paths that seemed to be opening, when followed, almost immediately then closed – for me, for reasons I’m still not sure of. And I’m also trying to give up the need to have all the answers – to know all the whys – and begin to live more in the questions, in the mystery, and be good with that. Sometimes that’s easier than others. And as you say, when I find myself letting circumstances determine my mood, I know it’s a sign that the ol’ ego is still in control… a good reminder.

    And as you’ve said many a time, Julie Marie, when we share, we find we are not alone. So happy the sun is returning for you, and trusting that my own dawn is approaching, and hoping and praying for an early personal resurrection, the next step after death and burial, as we prepare to celebrate an early Easter this year. Meanwhile, breathing. Namaste ~~

    • There is Truth in the words you have written, Mary. I started getting goose bumps when I read your last paragraph. I will stand with you in trusting that your dawn is approaching. I absolutely adore the metaphor you used, and have had an insight that will be a quick morning coffee before I get back to packing boxes. Thank you for the Inspiration. (Deep inhale….and release…..) I bow to your strength and your willingness to persevere. Namaste~

      • And I to yours, Julie Marie – thank you for who you are, for sharing all you do. Continued this convo with friends this morning, remembering the idea that sometimes courage and perseverance don’t look like we’ve always imagined them, complete with bullhorn and lion costume – sometimes, as the saying goes, they’re that “still small voice that says, I will try again tomorrow.” I listen for that voice a LOT these days. (Sometimes every few minutes. :D)

        I’ve been reading an old book that has been helpful – Peter Roche de Coppens, Apocalypse Now: The Challenges of Our Times. Based on Christian+ terminology, it speaks of the internal Armageddon we are each experiencing at this time of Aquarian shift. Certainly makes sense. And yes – the Sun/Son will rise again – and bring his Mother with him! (Like all good boys.)

        Namaste – and Happy Packing! If I lived close, I’d offer to come help. In lieu of, I’ll drink a coffee in your honor. Much love ~~

      • JUST finished the post, and here comes this comment. Timely? Oh, yes. Thank you. Of course He’s bringing His Mother with Him! He is a dutiful Son. I raise my cup to you, Mary. Thank you for lifting me up. I hope I am able to do the same for you someday. J

  5. Dearest SisStar
    I had to laugh at the paragraph about being “comfortable” and then Spirit moving us straight out of that comfort zone! How True! Having come out the other side, I am being presented with opportunities that have hit me like a bolt out of the blue, but now I am letting it percolate, it feels timely and right, so here we go – wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Don’t forget to have fun with it all, don’t be attached to the outcome and remember to laugh at yourself – it shifts the energy quicker than anything else. Blessings on your journey and so proud to have shared yours thus far. πŸ™‚ x

    Jeanette x

    • I know by the challenge this set of lessons has been that what is waiting on the other side will be worth the work it took to get there. The having fun part I will admit I forgot about for awhile there, but I have gotten myself back on the ‘Spirit train’ since then. I am so on autopilot right now, it’s not even funny. Can’t say I’ve laughed at myself yet, but have begun to giggle;-). Thanks for being there, still, Sis-Star. JM

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