Morning Coffee – Working on an Insight

What If…

Roasted coffee beans Español: Granos de café t...I’m going to start with just the beans today, because I am feeling particularly symbolic. A fellow journeyer inspired this writing, and I do my best to give credit where credit is due, so thank you Mary B. of frontporchrambles for this inspiration.

What if we are the beans? What if God is in the process of preparing the best cup of coffee ever?  What if what we are collectively experiencing now is the process of making that wonderful, flavorful, rich cup of coffee – metaphorically speaking, of course.

The coffee bean is rather plain and uninviting, but if you roast it, grind it up, and put just the right amount of hot water with it, a wondrous thing happens: you end up with a rich, aromatic beverage that in no way resembles what you started with. The bean, blended with other beans, ground up together and doused with hot water, is transformed completely.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...Stay with me here, now. Jesus was a Pisces. Many say He was born in the Spring, not in the winter. We have just completed the age of Pisces, so that would make logical sense to me. He came to set the template for the mass consciousness of humanity, and lived a life that demonstrated for all of us our potential as fully awakened beings.

The time has come for that template to be activated at the mass consciousness level. We are being prepared to walk our path as fully awakened beings. It appears that we are required to pass through some intense testing (initiations?) first. Many of us seem to be dying to our former selves, our former lives. Hopefully the resurrection part will follow this death.

December 2012 captured our collective attention for years before it actually – pardon the pun here – dawned in a rather (seemingly) uneventful way. We have marked December as the birth of the Christ for centuries.

Now here we are in this season of Easter. This will be a year when it falls in March. This is the time when we remember the supreme test that this being was presented with: death in order to be resurrected.

I note with interest – now that Mary has pointed this out – that many of us are being tested beyond what we perceived our limits to be, and that this testing process began right around the time of the 2012 Equinox and has continued without let up since then.

A powerful light shines in the dark.As we draw closer to the Easter season, we are beginning to feel the easing of this crushing energy, and are starting to have the sense that the dawn is breaking, the sun is returning. And so it is.

We are the Light.

What if this Easter season marks the activation of the collective Christ Consciousness? What if this astounding event is happening as God willed it? Quietly and without fanfare?

The beans have certainly been ground up (or at least have been feeling that way), the hot water has been poured. I can smell the sweet aroma of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee wafting into the air. Drink deeply.

Enjoy the sunrise.

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