In Honor of International Women’s Day

She slowly opens her sleep-filled eyes, orienting herself to her surroundings. The sound of a child’s hungry cry reaches her ears and she takes a deep breath. The day begins again.

Cynthia Morrison, International Women's Jousti...She is not without resources, this woman. She is tenacious. She does not know the meaning of the word ‘quit’. Her heart is courageous, and her will is strong despite the weakening of her physical body as a result of her efforts to make sure her children get enough to eat.

It is a never-ending battle for her, and she knows it is one she is not likely to win. Yet still she continues to fight, for she knows nothing else. Struggle is a part of her existence, and she accepts what is. For now.

The end is coming, for nothing can remain out of balance indefinitely. There must come an acknowledgement of the fact that without the Feminine, there would be no life.

The feminine energy carries the Knowing, the Intuition, the Compassion, the Strength born of suffering.

I wrote an open letter To All the Women of the World last year. It is worth a read, especially if you are one of the women who has been called to stand in the Truth of who you are.

I am not afraid. I was born to do this. ~Joan of Arc

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