Morning Coffee – Breaking Open, An Insight

English: Cappuccino at Vecchio Café. Italiano:...One of the most important things to practice when living a Spirit-guided life is to always be watching for the insights that can be gained from the experiences of living. Otherwise, what is the use of incarnating in the first place if there is no growth in awareness?

This morning, I want to share a quick  cup of coffee with you about an insight I had while in conversation with a friend yesterday. Another reminder: It is important to be able to talk about Spirit with others. There is something in the coming together of like-minded energies that will open the door to greater awareness. Again, it’s important to pay attention so you don’t miss the learning.

With all of that said, here’s the insight I had. I am sharing it here because I believe it applies to the larger shift that we are all experiencing now. There are two levels to this ascension process we are in the middle of: personal and planetary/galactic.

For many of us, things have been extra intense since the Fall of 2012 or thereabouts. Most of us thought it might have had to do with the ramping up and the clearing out in preparation for the December gateway. I am beginning to feel it was all more about experiencing, to whatever level we individually needed, enough stress, enough pressure, to break open the cocoon of the world-view we had surrounded ourselves with.

Silk worm cocoonsThis cocoon would be unique to each person, and it does not matter what your level of consciousness is. As an incarnated human, you have some set of preconceived notions about how things work that you have created with your consciousness. I have a strong sense that, globally and collectively, we are in the middle of having our collective cocoons broken open so that our butterfly selves can finally emerge.

As this photo so aptly illustrates, we are all in this together, so just remember that whatever you are experiencing, you are not going through it alone!

I was relating a series of experiences I had towards the end of last year that had the effect of rocking my world-view and sending me to a pretty dismal space for awhile. I was left wondering if I actually had any ability to discern at all, because what it looked like to me was I had totally misunderstood some pretty major relationships, and the pain of that disillusionment took some time to work through.

I also found myself commenting to someone recently that I felt like I was coming into my butterfly self, and that I didn’t know what that meant, exactly, but I could feel the truth of the statement. At the time, I did not connect this observation with the painful series of events I’d just come through, which is why I am sharing this insight with you today. Maybe you aren’t connecting similar dots in your life.

The Leopard Lacewing Cethosia cyane is a speci...I now have a different view of this series of events. They are what I required, personally, to break out of my personal cocoon so that my butterfly self could finally begin to emerge. My wings are still drying, and I don’t think I can fly yet, but I have finally broken out of the cocoon. (The irony here is, I thought the cocoon-breaking had taken place when I was awakened 20 years ago! Perhaps there is more than one level to this butterfly-becoming process.)

If we expand our awareness, we can understand that the planet, as well, is likely in the middle of Her cocoon-breaking process. What Her consciousness will require in order to break Herself free remains to be seen, but what we can collectively to is rejoice at the fact that the process is happening. We can look forward to the emergence of Her butterfly self as well.

My mind is not expansive enough to actually grasp where the Universal Being is in this process, for indeed the Microcosm is a reflection or a harmonic of the Macrocosm, and therefore it would follow that there is a similar process occurring on other levels of Creation.

English: butterfly just emerging from a cocoon...So there you have it. I hope this brings relief to some of you, especially if you have recently been through some intense experiences (loss of friends, family, work, home, health, for example) or are in the middle of them. Perhaps this is what it took to break open your cocoon. Welcome to the world, fellow butterfly.

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One thought on “Morning Coffee – Breaking Open, An Insight

  1. Absolutely – the birthing experience. I was speaking about this, feeling this pressure, in Oct 2011 – and then BOOM – the living experience began! The interesting part of the birthing experience – is that we ourselves (or our higher selves, depending on how you want to look at it) send the message to the universe that we are ready – it’s time to be born. Just like a baby sends the hormonal message to its mama, “I’m ready, it’s time, get me out!” And the pain is necessary – to awaken the skin of the baby, our largest, most sensitive organ. Like when the butterfly begins to stretch its wings – it has to go through the process of pumping the blood out to fill its wings, or it will be crippled throughout its life. We babies need this passage, this squeezing– to be able to operate fully in our next life. The analogy holds true in so many different ways – it’s really lovely.

    Of course, at the lower perspective, to the baby, all those contractions feel like a lot of pain and anguish, caught in darkness and not knowing, leaving behind the comforts of home and the heartbeat of the mother, a physical dark night of the soul, To the mother, it can also be a painful, messy, chaotic time. To the caterpillar, it is an ultimate dying to the self and final resurrection. But to the eyes of the doctor outside, who knows and sees all, and even to the waiting parents, it is a beautiful thing. I was reminded that in the birth pains, especially once the crowned stage is reached – where there is no going back, yet nothing seems to be happening – the mother can be beside herself, in so much pain – that she may do or say things she would never otherwise say or do – and the point is to be gentle and loving with ourselves during this time. What are we birthing? Who are we birthing?

    In the meantime, if you feel like an upside-down stink bug, arms and legs flailing as you try to right (write? :)) yourself, that’s ok too… all part of it! Just like that baby, now is the time to practice our deep breathing – Lamaze isn’t just for the mama, you know! Don’t hold on, and don’t try to crawl back up inside – it’s pointless to resist, you can’t do it, and it’s only going to make it more painful for everyone involved. If we fight hard enough, and stay in there long enough, we’ll only end up poisoning ourselves and whatever womb we happen to find ourselves in. Instead, keep breathing, and try to relax and enjoy the ride.

    This also is a good time to think about non-judgment – not labeling what’s happening around us good or bad – because from our perspective, we really can’t say. Contractions may not feel good to that baby, that caterpillar – but we know, from above, what’s waiting – and we know it’s worth it.

    For me, when I find myself in a spot that feels pretty tight, I try to gently remind myself to step back into my observer, and think about what’s trying to be born, from that higher perspective. Try to find a feeling of trust inside myself, remembering that I’m right where I’m supposed to be – right here, right now, ALWAYS – for whatever’s happening right now. Maybe that will change in a second or two – but right now, this is it. I’m being born into the next higher level of myself – just like you – and maybe the only thing that will change in this birth is our collective perspective- maybe on the other side we’ll realize just how perfect we are, right here, right now.

    Sorry for the long-winded post – this is one of my favorite analogies – can you tell? 🙂 Thanks for listening… Thank you for posting this, Julie Marie, and reminding me.

    Peace, and now off to work,

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