Notes from My Road Less Traveled – Chapter 6 (cont)

Horatio Nelson Jackson in his 2-seat Winton to...About a week after I honed in on my location, I decided it was time to take a road trip. Thank goodness, it was only a tank of gas’ worth of fuel, round trip.

I spent that first day mostly just driving all around the town. When I found out that it would cost me over $50- to place an ad in the area papers, I decided to make some phone calls. A call to one of the local realtors yielded a list of people who had rental houses in town. They also recommended that I call the Chamber of Commerce, which I did. That got me a few more names.

I called them all. Some responded, some did not. Some of the ones who did didn’t have anything for me to look at. Cross them off the list. Some did have some places. I started making arrangements to see them. I needed to get a feel for what was available in this town and what the price range was.

I got there early for my first appointment that first day, so I put myself on autopilot and began to follow where I was being led. I spent about two hours that day driving around and getting acquainted with the area.

There were definitely some better feeling areas of town, and the prices for rent went up (or down) accordingly. I must have seen at least a half-dozen places that first day. I decided to just follow the energy where ever it led me, and I didn’t discount any offering until I’d actually seen it. I even called another number that I got off signs I kept seeing in the front yards of the houses for sale, and there are a lot of homes for sale in this little town.

The other thing I learned very quickly is that they don’t often post a sign on the property if it’s up for rent. It’s mostly word of mouth, so you sort of have to know somebody who knows somebody who has a place if you want anything decent to live in.

English: Food 4 Less grocery store in Hollywoo...I wasn’t taken with any of the places I saw that first day, but did have a gentle urging to stop at the one grocery store in town to check the bulletin board. I had had success with similar tactics some years earlier. I remember talking to myself in my head as I pulled into a parking spot. “Yeah, sure, there will be a lead there, probably just your wishful thinking anyway, what have you got to lose it’s only going to take a minute to walk in there and check it out…”

So I did. To my surprise – yes,  I still get surprised by these things, despite having them happen to me for a couple of decades now – there was a handwritten notice on the board about a house that was available for rent. I took down the number and called it.

It took the woman about 30 minutes to drive in to meet me there, but I felt it was worth the wait. I found it funny that I had driven right past the house earlier in the day, but hadn’t noticed the “For Rent” sign in the window. Is the place my dream house? No. Will it work for me and is it in alignment with my stated goals at this time? Yes.

The woman told me I would hear from the person with the final authority that evening. That sort of caught me off guard a bit. Spirit had led me here, so what was this all about? I decided I’d keep looking and let things just fall out however they were going to. I made arrangements to see another house but could not gain entry until the following weekend.

The owner of the little house I’d seen did call that evening and said he’d need to meet me before he could make a decision. I said I’d be back up the following weekend, but was not willing to make an extra trip just to look him in the eye. He said someone else was looking at it. I figured if it was my place, it would still be available and I decided not to let fear rule.

When I went up the following weekend, I was not able to get in the house I’d driven up there to see. The landlord there gave me the name of someone else who had a place, so I went to look at it. Right size, but too much work to make it energetically comfortable for me. I received one other reference about a place, and just to be thorough, went to see it as well.

It was magnificent. Circa 1910, leaded glass windows, huge rooms, hardwood floors, double car garage, updated kitchen with granite counter tops and brushed stainless steel appliances. Stunning. Perfect. My dream house, for sure.

I was headed out of town pondering these two latest prospects, but noticed I had a missed call on my cell phone. I pulled over and checked the phone call. It was from the fellow with the little house Spirit had led me to. “What the heck,” I thought, “I’m here, might as well go meet the guy.” So I turned the car around and drove to the house.

I took another good hard look at it. The rent was a little more than the prevailing market price for a similar sized house, but less than I was already paying. That was one of the things I had asked my finding angels to bring me: a suitable place that would allow me to tighten my belt a little more.

I didn’t get the pop quiz Spirit had given me until I was on my way home that day. It is important to remember that when we set an intention for something, often we will be offered other alternatives (in this case, it was the beautiful ‘dream house’ that would have left me in exactly the same situation as I am in now: too much house for my needs). It is not that Spirit is trying to confuse things. We are being given the opportunity to declare that indeed, we do want what we said we wanted.

I took the smaller, clean house and turned down the beautiful big house half of which I would not have even used. The smaller house is the place that Spirit had led me to. Twice. Once when I drove past it and didn’t see the sign in the window, and once when I had the inclination to stop in the store and look at the bulletin board. Thank you, finding angels, for finding a way to point me in the right direction.

It is easy to tell a person how to live life this way. It is much harder to actually live it. I saw the signs, and had the choice whether to follow them or not. I chose to follow them. All of them, no matter what. I struggled with my logical mind a couple of times, and almost didn’t make that last stop at the house I will soon be living in.

But Spirit – and by that I mean my guides, my guidance, my angels and my Higher Self – kept trying to lead me where I had asked to go. Eventually I found my way there. So can you.

The take away from my story is this: just keep moving forward. Don’t give up. As long as you can hold your intention and persevere despite how things may look, you will find your way.

And don’t forget that there can be a pop quiz at any moment!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by; and that has made all the difference. ~Robert Frost

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2 thoughts on “Notes from My Road Less Traveled – Chapter 6 (cont)

  1. Thank you for sharing this, and for the reminder. I’m beginning to question DC – not sure if that’s guidance or doubt at the moment – but I know if I slow down and listen, the answer will become clear, and the financial resources will present wherever I am led. Namaste ~~ and thx again for allowing us to shadow your path.

    • When in doubt, ask. Ask to be shown clearly what it is, and where it is, Spirit would have you place yourself at this time. Things are shifting so rapidly, I feel the pieces are still being rearranged on the game board. You are correct, however. You will get a clear answer if you slow down and listen. Just don’t forget the focused intention to have clarity about it all. It helps. Trust me. JM

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