Morning Coffee – A Time of Renewal

Foam on a cappucino.The energy of renewal and resurrection is flowing fiercely this morning as I sip my coffee. I only have a few minutes to ruminate today, as I too am in the midst of a new beginning and there is much yet to do.

It is the season, finally, of Spring. Today is the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. I could give a brief history lesson about how this archetypal story has been told in different ancient cultures, and how the resurrection of Jeshua is but the most recent incarnation of that story, but I’m not going to.

Anastasis, symbolic representation of the resu...

Spring and resurrection is about the new, the promise of what is to come, not the recounting of the past. We have opportunity now, and that is what is most important.

Yes, it is true that every day we have this same opportunity to start again, but there is something different about this day. The energy of renewal seems stronger.

This is the time when that which appears to be dead overflows with life once more, and all that was brown and grey transforms into vibrant color and brilliant green.

We also have this chance to revive that within us which may appear to be dead. What goodness within you has been crushed? What hope has died? Is there within you a shining part that has lost its luster because of life’s experiences? Now is the moment to speak to that part of yourself, to encourage it to breathe once more, to rise up, to experience resurrection.

The true meaning of resurrection is not a literal thing. It is not necessarily about the resurrection of the physical body. It also speaks to that which animates our form: our Spirit. We have within us the power to revive our Divine Innocence, our connection to All That Is. It has always been there, waiting.

Rise up, now. Declare your intention to live more consciously. Be more present. Truly be here now, for now is the time when all of us are needed to assist in the resurrection of humanity itself.

May this day be a blessed one.

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