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This lesson about the power of choice is really up in my face this morning as I sip my cup of coffee. I have plenty of time to think these days as I focus on the change I am in the midst of.

For example, I just chose the photograph with the hearts in the foam because I recently made a choice out of love for self and in support of my good health.

Yesterday, I thought a lot about how, by making that choice, I definitely changed the events that were on the horizon for myself if I hadn’t made the decision I did. I will be in a different house than I’d anticipated. I will be in a different town, even. The changes came with lightning speed, within the span of about 36 hours.

I thought the path was laid out, and thought I knew where I was going. All of that shifted because of a choice, a difficult choice, I decided to make. I am exceedingly grateful that the problem manifested itself before I was so far down that path I could not extricate myself from the situation.

The turning point was in the moment of discovery. The choice was to continue down that path (because what would they think if I – all of a sudden – I decided not to live there) or to take into consideration the ramifications if I didn’t do the difficult thing and just say “no”. I said yes to myself.

What this meant is I had to undo some actions I had just taken earlier in the week. It also meant I had to find another place to live, and soon. I did the non-logical thing and sacrificed another day of packing to go in search of a place to live.

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Long story short, I did find a spot, and things are back on track, but now I have a ton of catching up to do. All of what has transpired in the past few days has just had me really thinking about how, by making what seems to be an unimportant choice, the entire trajectory of our lives can be changed.

The prospect of being entirely responsible, at the ego level, for fulfilling my Soul’s purpose is rather disconcerting to me. Perhaps you have the same concerns. My suggestion is to pray about it, to ask for guidance when making decisions.

I was left with no other alternative than to get really focused on the present moment, and to follow every soft whisper I heard no matter how faint. It worked. But that is a story for another day. I have work to do.

When you make a choice, you change the future. ~Deepak Chopra

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – Choices

  1. Beautiful – thank you, Julie Marie. Right there with ya, sister. One step at a time, and then the next becomes clear. Which is why I’ll be headed to KC later this month, quite unexpectedly, and then doing some exploring down in northern Arkansas… whispers, whispers. And just a stir of excitement. And similarly, the initial decision, on which all else is/was/will be based – was one of self-love, at Spirit’s suggestion, and taking better care of myself, by allowing myself to receive some offered help/support… maybe it’s time to give myself a little break… and maybe, just maybe, allowing that has already begun opening some rather interesting OTHER doors… 🙂

    Namaste ~~

    • So good to hear you continue to follow your Spirit. Have done some time in northern Arkansas myself already a few years back…I see the Light streaming in through that door…

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