April 2013 Energy Report

English: Total Lunar eclipse 15 June 2011 in i...The energy of April is all about potential.  This is how I choose to look at the energy of change that is building for the next Uranus square Pluto event on May 21.

What you choose to align with will manifest for you.  The energy of change may take you far outside your comfort zone and drag you so far beyond what you thought your limits were that you find yourself standing smack in the middle of the unknown. Stay centered in what you intend for yourself and watch the world form itself around you in accordance with your intent.  Trust.  Have faith.

The new Moon on April 10 will bring relationship issues to the forefront.  This includes the relationship you have with yourself.  Do you love, value, honor, respect yourself?  Watch for the answer to be reflected back to you through the people in your life this month.  Don’t take it personally.  Use these experiences to adjust your inner compass.

April 12th marks the beginning of a five month Pluto retrograde cycle.  This is a time for looking at our hidden fears and how we use our personal power.

We can also use this retrograde cycle to gain insight and greater awareness about our life purpose.  Ask the question “What am I here to do?” and expect an answer.

April’s energy is building towards the next exact Uranus square Pluto in May. If you’re not feeling the effects of this aspect yet, you will.  There will continue to be personal and collective shifts precipitated by this influence.

I remind you that the themes for the years 2012 to 2015 are destruction and rebirth.  This process of tearing down to the foundation of things is necessary in order to manifest the new vision, the new reality.  Our lessons with this energy are: patience, resilience, and surrender to what is in order to go with the flow in each moment.

I call this the time of the chrysalis.  All that was is no more.  When the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, its entire body liquefies and then rearranges itself. I believe we are in the midst of a similar process.  I remind myself when things get particularly difficult that I really want to earn my wings.

The full Moon this month brings an eclipse that invites you to take action but in a more cautious, thoughtful way. It is especially potent as it aligns with Mars, Venus, and Saturn.  The eclipse is in Scorpio so that means we have an opportunity to release the old and outworn, including any patterns of behavior that no longer serve us.  The influence of Saturn reminds us of the importance of keeping our commitments to ourselves and others.

There is a great mandate for change this month that is upon us individually and collectively. I would just say to all who are in the midst of it to remember to stay centered. It is a process, so remain flexible. Things can shift on a dime these days. If your direction isn’t clear at this time, ask that it be made so. Do what you know will move you towards your goal, and trust that the next thing to do will become apparent when the timing is right.

Let him who would move the world first move himself. ~Socrates

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7 thoughts on “April 2013 Energy Report

  1. Is there a button for multiple likes? Had to come back and read this one again. 🙂 Was in Lexington yesterday – lovely, and fun to explore when I’m out on the byways. Beautiful homes!

  2. Dearest SisStar
    Thank you for taking the time to communicate this – my Knowing seems to phase in and out of late and on days when I choose on some level to descend into the “squidgy mess” that preceeds the “winged” days 🙂 it is so heartening to read the words of a kindred Soul who is Awake in the moment and Being the Beacon of Light. Bless you on your journey.
    Jeanette x

    • Good to hear from you! From where I stand, however, I don’t know how shiny my Beacon is these days. Hope to have the mud cleaned off it soon. Has been a rather intense few weeks. Thank God, this, too, shall pass. Thank you for lifting ME up, my sister from the Stars…J

    • A “Little Willingness” is all that is needed for that Beacon to Shine – and you have always had TONS of that dear SisStar. Everything is perfect just as it is – and as you say, for the uncomfortable feelings or when we judge ourselves – This too shall pass. 🙂 Big hug.
      Jeanette x

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