Morning Coffee – The Mother

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The day that was chosen in 1970 to celebrate our beautiful but battered planet is here again. Though each day is Earth Day because we walk upon her sacred body, we breathe her precious air and drink her life-giving water; most of us are not aware of just how entwined we are, our two fates.

Sometimes, like this morning, I find myself thinking about the overwhelming impossibility of cleaning up the mess mankind is making of our beautiful planet. It is also the time that I recommit to doing what little I can do to make a positive difference. I do recycle more than I actually throw away, and I search for things that have the least amount of extraneous packaging when I shop. I haven’t figured out how to clear the energy of old clothes, otherwise I would shop the thrift stores more, but I wear what I have until it’s threadbare.

The Mother Earth sculpture, found in the Botan...

I was in High School when the first Earth Day was celebrated. I remember being so hopeful that finally, something would be done about the mess we were making of our only home. I’m a long way from High School – if I attended reunions, it would be coming up on my 42nd – and it doesn’t seem that much has changed in the area of being more responsible stewards of this planet. Yet if I look more closely, I can see some incremental positive changes happening. I am hopeful.

So what can I do? Only what I can do. Today I ask myself what more can I do? Here’s what came to me:  Plant an herb garden in a planter so it’s portable. Get those tomatoes in so I have plenty for fresh summer salads this year. I also need to plant more kale, as I have been getting the message I need to be eating more of that particular vegetable. If anyone out there has suggestions as to some different varieties of kale that are worth trying, I am open to hearing about them.

I’m in a new place, so I am on the search for butterfly- and bee-friendly flowers to plant in the neglected bed in front of the house. I’ll be headed for the nearest “green” greenhouse this week, as a matter of fact. I have plenty of planters, I just need the plants.

Some other things I already do that you might consider are: I walk instead of drive to nearby locations such as the post office or the market if I’m only picking up a few things I can easily carry back home in my back pack. I turn off my computer at night. I turn off the lights in rooms I am not in. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to wear a sweater in the cooler months and turn the temperature down a few notches at night. Or set the temperature up in the warmer months and run fans to circulate the air, thus cooling it some.

English: Heart Planet Earth

The ideal situation would be to live in a home that is built to be more efficient, but that’s not possible for most of us. So we can choose to do what we each can do. Or not. Collectively, we will all eventually experience the result of our individual decisions.

Our Mother will bring balance to her body in whatever way She needs to. If enough of us make responsible choices within our individual means, together we can all live in a better place. Love the Earth, love ourselves. Love ourselves, love the Earth. Our fates are intertwined.

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  1. I so agree, our Earth Mother will balance her own body.. All I can do also is plant and grow, live the best I know how in balance and harmony…… So loved this Julie…….. Love to you this Earth Day xxx Sue

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