Triple Eclipse Series

English: A series of images taken aboard the a...I am fascinated by trines, or groupings of three, so this eclipse series that we are entering starting this evening with a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25, a solar eclipse in Taurus on May 5th, and ending with another lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 24th has definitely gotten my attention.

I will also note here that the May 24th eclipse is also during Wesak, and that this is the first Wesak since the end of the last great cycle. It is a celebration of Buddha’s birth and enlightenment, and it is said the inner plane Ascended Masters and Celestial Beings gather in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas on this, the holiest of days. It is the highest point of the incoming spiritual energies to the Earth, and this year, it comes in conjunction with this triple eclipse event. What a buildup. Wesak heralds a time when all world servers and light workers are encouraged to step fully into their service on behalf of Earth and for all sentient beings.

I have written about lunar and solar eclipses here before, so I won’t repeat myself again, I hope.

This series of eclipses is a substantial sandwich of energy with two slices of ‘endings’ (the first and third eclipses which are Lunar) and one healthy chunk of ‘new beginnings’ (the second eclipse which is a solar eclipse) smack in the middle. One other thing to note here is that eclipses tend to run through a 19 year cycle, so it is also useful to take a moment to reflect on what was happening in your life 19 years ago. Are there any familiar patterns that are playing themselves out again? Perhaps this time, it is time to let them go, and the energy of this Scorpio eclipse is the perfect time to release these old patterns that no longer serve you.

The first lunar eclipse is in Scorpio, and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) will be helping to strip away all that is false and out of balance in your world if you are willing to release it. This is an excellent time for a little recycling. Recycle all the old energy and outmoded ways of being that no longer serve your highest good.

Remain mindful that lunar eclipses are about endings of a chapter and are a time of letting go. We have the opportunity to dissolve old patterns in order to make room to create new experiences. Our conscious often gets rearranged and recalibrated to be more in synchronous rhythm with our higher, more expanded state of awareness.

This is a good time to listen to your intuition and follow your instincts. There is a stronger connection to them at this time and you have the chance to more clearly hear the guidance that can lead you to your next step. Scorpio eclipses are a time of soul-searching, and can often bring us face-to-face with our shadow self (of that of another). It is a time of living your truth or not.

The solar eclipse on May 9th is in Taurus, and the focus will be on our challenges with the material realm ( money, or what you have built with your own hands).

The lunar eclipse on May 24th in Sagittarius (the Wesak eclipse) is about conscious awakening, and the quest for consciousness. There is the potential here for your philosophy to be shifted, or for you to begin a course of study not knowing just how it will change you.

We are definitely in a time of Transition with these eclipses, and we are being presented with an unprecedented opportunity for spiritual growth. With the disciplined application of focused attention and clear intention, we can take full advantage of this gift.

I would encourage you to ask your guides and angels for assistance in clearing all that no longer serves you. Express your willingness to complete these personal cycles of learning once and for all, and watch the Universe and the entire company of Heaven respond.

I can feel that we are being given an opportunity to prepare, and what we are being prepared for is significant. I cannot yet feel exactly what that ‘something’ is, however.

We will have two cycles of cleansing and clearing and one cycle of starting something new, and I feel that the breadth of what the new thing is we can start will be in direct proportion to the releasing we are willing to do. Time to get busy.

I was here on earth because I chose to be. ~John Cheever

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