Intuitive Development Exercise

Pay Attention

This exercise is easily incorporated into your daily routine, and is effective in helping you develop your intuitive sensitivity.

First, a little about why this works so well:

English: Electromagnetic waves can be imagined...

Everything is frequency. It is the interplay of vibration between beings that allows for this process to occur. Each of us has thoughts. We all have feelings. These things vibrate. They actually generate electromagnetic waves and create a field around us. When we come together in a group, a larger, more complex energy field is created.

We swim through this energetic soup, and are drawn into interactions with people based upon the very real law of attraction. We are naturally pulled towards vibrations that resonate in harmony with our own. We are also naturally repelled by vibrations that are not in harmony with ours.

Your body picks up on these signals every time you engage in conversation with someone. Generally speaking, the physical response you get when you are in a positive, supportive exchange is expansive.  You will feel lighter, and somehow drawn towards the source of the signal. Remember how you feel when you encounter someone with whom you just ‘click’? It’s like that.

The opposite holds true when you are in the presence of a non-supportive vibration. You will feel almost as if you want to shrink away, or move out of the energy field. You may find yourself trying to physically protect yourself by crossing your arms over your chest/upper stomach, or leaning away from the signal.  You might experience a sort of flip-flopping sensation in your solar plexus, or maybe even some nausea.

Most of the time when we are interacting socially, we pay attention with our conscious mind, and are listening to the words being sent our way, often framing our response as we listen. When we get the other signals in our body, we usually aren’t aware of them or we ignore them when we sense them.

English: "Visualization of the Heart Chak...If you keep a part of your attention on your solar plexus, a chakra (energy center) which is just below your ribcage, in the area of your upper abdomen, you will be better able to sense this signal when you receive it. (It is represented by the yellow sphere on the diagram.) You will also become aware of how often a person’s words won’t match the vibration they are broadcasting with their thoughts and feelings.

It can be a challenge to learn to respond to the words of another as opposed to their vibrations the more aware you become of this phenomenon. It is not yet socially correct to speak to what you may be sensing from a person apart from their words. Maybe someday we will be transparent with each other, but we’re not there yet.

In the meantime, use this simple exercise as a way to develop your intuition. When you interact with someone, don’t just listen to the words you are hearing. Pay attention to whether or not the energy they are broadcasting matches their words. Make a mental note of your observations. Over time, you won’t need to write it down, you will learn to trust the information you are receiving.

You will be presented with dozens of opportunities to practice this simple technique each day. Take advantage of them, and strengthen your intuitive connection.

Do not try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition. ~Madeleine L’Engle

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  1. This is great, I’ve been doing some solar plexus work and I never thought about this aspect! Thank you so much!

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