May 2013 Energy Report

HST image of Uranus showing cloud bands, rings...The two most helpful words I can give you for the month of May are: hang on.  A break is coming, but will most likely not arrive until summer.

April was a difficult month, and for many of us things just seemed to get worse instead of better. In general, May will continue this trend. Hence the need to hang on. This month, whenever it seems like there’s no end to the intense energies, remind yourself relief is coming.

The astrological soup this month includes two eclipses, a Uranus square Pluto(the third in a series of seven), and a yod configuration which is part of a four planet dance this month.

The thing we all need to get comfortable with is the idea that we’re in the grip of major change on both the societal and an individual level.  There’s going to be a lot of building up, breaking down, and rebuilding in the next few years.  Remain mindful that it’s all part of the process of change.

Uranus square Pluto- This third square in a series of seven will be exact on May 20th.  The dynamic of this planetary influence is that it sheds light on the balance (or imbalance) in power structures.  It can often trigger conflict between the individual and established power structures.

The reset button is being pressed by the Universe at this time.  What the new operating system is going to look like is yet unknown; but I have a feeling the choices we make both individually and collectively in the next few years will determine the structure of this new system. We probably won’t know what this restructuring will eventually look like until after this  Uranus square Pluto series completes in the Spring of 2015.

Don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of demonstrating going on this month. The best approach we can use to handle this energy in our individual lives is to seek a path to resolution whenever conflict arises.

I wrote about the eclipses in the last Energy Report, and linked to it above if you need a reminder.

The Planetary Dance- Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and  Venus are squared to each other this month and their dance is helping the Uranus square Pluto upheaval and change process along.

If it’s as if the Universe is asking us to take a look at our existing power structures on all levels and to decide how we will move forward together. We’re being shown very clearly where things are out of balance, and are being asked to make choices that will bring things more in balance.

Because our individual lives are the microcosm of this greater macro picture, we must remain aware of the dynamics of power in our individual relationships as well.  Be conscious.  Seek balance.

What Can You Do?-   If you’re feeling overwhelmed, hopefully this brief report will let you know we’re all in this together and you are not alone out there which your struggles.  So what can you do?

Be an agent of positive change in the world.  Lead your life of with the greatest integrity you can.

The chaos, the change, will continue.  We must continue to keep on as well.

English: Electric Light Orchestra in concert, ...Hold on Tight to Your Dreams- As I was composing this article, I kept hearing song lyrics (I think they were from the eighties) playing in the background of my mind.  As I come to the end of this article, they seem to be appropriately applicable to the subject at hand and so I share with you as a final thought these words from ELO (that’s Electric Light Orchestra to those who may not be familiar with that abbreviation):

Hold on tight to your dreams….Hold on tight to your dreams.

When you see your ship go sailing,

When you feel your heart is breaking,

Hold on tight to your dreams.        ~Electric Light Orchestra

We are in the grip of major change, and we must not despair. The building, the tearing down, and the rebuilding will continue for the next few years. We must be willing to accept the tearing down part of the process, and continue our efforts to rebuild our lives, individually and collectively, as necessary.

The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived. ~Robert Jordan

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4 thoughts on “May 2013 Energy Report

  1. Thank you, Julie Marie – yes: HANG ON. Our friend (yes, friend!) Mr Cockroach may be helpful during these times, I have been reminded – survival skills coming to the forefront, no matter how hostile or harsh the environment. Remaining true to who we are, standing on our own and just “doing our thang,” and also knowing when it’s appropriate to scurry to a safe little crack somewhere to avoid being stomped on, when and where to bring out the body armor, and being able to survive and THRIVE in the most interesting of circumstances and situations… etc etc… and I am grateful for the reminder.

    • Oh, funny! I actually SAW on in the garage the other day, in the DAYtime, slowly sauntering in a very non-cockroach way directly across my path…methinks it was a messenger, and SO appropriate to what is happening in my life at this very moment. Can you send me an email where I can reach you re: other matters? I will not publish it here…Thanks for the reminder. Guess I needed to be, well, reminded!

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