Morning Coffee – Saturday Morning

English: Cute coffee.I beat the sun up this morning. I was halfway through my first cup of coffee before the birds roused enough to begin their morning sonic symphony.

It’s so cold in the office, I had to go get the heater to knock the edge off the chill. It seems as if our planet is struggling to maintain balance, and these seasonal swings are an indicator of that ongoing struggle. Will the corn be high by the 4th of July this year? I’ll be able to go out and take a personal measurement. Corn fields are all around me now. Probably all GMO, but at least it’s something green and growing, not concrete and lifeless. A step in the right direction, at least.

4th of July BurgerIn these parts, there is talk of a shortage of sweet corn for the 4th of July picnics this year. Not because planting didn’t get done on schedule; most got their planting done on time, but because of these few weeks of cooler temperatures. The cold, wet spring has slowed the plants’ development. This issue has been written about in newspapers from Des Moines to Sioux City.

Why am I even talking about it here? Because a move of a few hundred miles has taken me into another world. In this world, shootings, robberies, burglaries, assaults on the elderly and the weak, and heavy traffic jams every working morning do not exist. Here, it’s all about the crops, and the local High School because it’s a small town and everyone supports the team.

How does our frame of reference affect our consciousness? I think I am beginning to discover that where we live does make a difference in our spiritual journey. How can it not? I am beginning to understand why Spirit pushed me out of the city and onto the land. I understand why I have the sense I need to find others similarly situated, of like mind and purpose.

When a coherent consciousness field is generated, nurtured and strengthened by the  collective effort of such a group, there’s a chance the influence of the mass consciousness can be offset to some extent. Less static interference would make it easier to access the higher level awareness that lives just beyond our collective grasp. I sense we cannot reach it on our own, but we can tap into it in a focused group.

This is still theory, but I will share any insights of note that I gain from the awareness of the distinct difference I feel in my energy field despite the recent stress of moving.  Well, the birds have quieted, which means the world will be awake soon. Time to go for that morning walk I’ve started taking every day.

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