We’ll Call This One “Mid-Day Musings”

It’s too late for a Morning Coffee, but I want to share my morning walk with you. It’s going to The Giftbe a hot one here today, and people were out early getting the walks in and the yard work done. I followed suit, and headed out right after breakfast to get the now daily exercise my body has been craving. I am starting to feel better thanks to these efforts. You can’t avoid the getting older part, but you can have some say in how it happens. But that’s a post for another day.

I had the hit to take my camera with me today, and I’m glad I did. Spring has finally come – and it looks like it will last all of a nano-second. The temps are still cool at night, but it has started to heat up pretty quickly during the day. It’s noon and already over 90 degrees here.

Good for the crops that went in late though. The unseasonably cool weather contributed to a lag in farmers getting their seed in the ground. According to reports in these parts, only about 15% of the crops are planted. I saw a pickup loaded with sacks of soybean seed while I was out this morning. Bet he’ll be glad to have the planting behind him. Then he can start to worry about enough rain…

White (c)2013,JulieMarieI took a few photos of some of the flowering trees that have (finally) bloomed, and as I headed out of the park, I spied a beautiful, large flight feather from the wing of a pretty good-sized bird. It felt like it was for me, so I walked off the path to pick it up. I’d only gone a few steps when I spotted another. And then another.

Obviously, I stumbled upon a roosting spot. I came to this conclusion based upon the, er, evidence that was everywhere. Let’s just say it was as if someone had splattered white paint everywhere.

I headed home with my hands full of beautiful feathers. Now I just need to figure out what kind of bird they came from, because that is where the message is to be found. If anyone who reads this has any ideas, I would love to hear them. Definitely too big for duck. Goose, maybe? They do remind me of peacock feathers, too, though, but I haven’t seen any evidence of peacocks in the immediate area.

I cannot explain the feeling the gift has given me, but the message somehow being related to taking flight, or flying, is not lost on me. I do feel lighter since the move here. Perhaps my time to fly is coming.

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6 thoughts on “We’ll Call This One “Mid-Day Musings”

  1. Hi Julie M, So pleased you are enjoying your new environment and making some new friends along the way. Not sure which birds your feathers belonged to, but my first thought was that the angels are wanting to contact you, has it been a while? I always thank the angels when i find feathers, it is a source of comfort.
    Take care
    Sandie x

    • Yes, I had that thought, too. I have been feeling the pull to go spend some time on the IntheCompanyofAngels site because it has been far too long an absence. So while I am in the silence this weekend, will ask for a message from the angels so I will have something to share. Thank you for the gentle reminder. And I also do admit to having felt comforted by the find. Bless you, Sandie

    • I’m leaning towards peacock. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone peacock feather hunting, so I’m a little rusty. But I am going out early of a morning next week to settle this for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How about Vulture? Was this roosting spot a big old dead tree? They’ll roost in those by the hundreds, depending on the size of the flock – and sometimes in live ones as well. Go at dusk and you’ll find out! Or in the morning, as the sun comes up, and you can watch ’em spread their wings to dry the dew off in the sun – STUNNING.

    Among other things, for me these winged ones are all about flying using the least amount of personal energy necessary – riding the thermals that the Universe so lovingly (and conveniently!) supplies… And they’re really good flying teachers – you have to learn to ride the updrafts of life, going with all the bumps, not over-correcting, just relax and let the wind carry you. Namaste, and thanks for the reminder.

    • I think they’re peacock feathers because of the hint of peach color on some…but usually when I find peacock feathers, there’s other ones there (orange or the mottled ones, or the small eyes, at least) but don’t see any of those…but when I’m back next week, am going to get up at dawn and see what I can see…so the mystery will be solved. I like the image of riding the currents. Thanks for sharing. JM

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