You Are Not Alone

Guide helps the guide on the way up Point Lena...One of the things I’m asked about most often is people wanting to know about their guides. They either want to know if they have any (yes, everybody does) or they want to know the particulars about their guides.

The message I want to give you today is that you are not alone. Your guides are always with you. They stand ready to assist you. You have but to ask for their help. When I first encountered my guides, they told me something that took me awhile to wrap my awareness around.

They asked me not to call them “guides” (I use the term here only because it is what most people can relate to), they told me to call them my Companions. When I asked them why, here is what they told me:

The term ‘guide’ is defined as “one who leads or directs another’s conduct or life; one who shows the way to others”. My Companions explained that yes, they do have an expanded view and will work to keep me on track to fulfilling my spiritual purpose, but they will not, and cannot, live the incarnation for me. Just like all of you, I have the final decision to make and will have to live with the consequences of that decision.

My Companions also said that I was to perceive the relationship as one of mutual benefit for both sides. They were also working on their spiritual development through their function as guides. I am working on my spiritual growth by the lessons I’m learning via this incarnation. Together, we work together to achieve the same goal. We all are working to return to the place from whence we came. We all long to go Home.

They also encouraged me not to look at them as the decision makers for this lifetime. I am to see them for what they are: my trusted advisors, my Companions along the way.

I tell people to ask for guidance. Consider the guidance. Act upon the guidance you can feel is of benefit to you. And remember that you are not alone. You are loved and cherished by many beings that just don’t happen to have a physical body (at least not in this dimension) at this time.

I will share some ways you can interact with your guides in the next article. For now, know you do not walk this path alone.

Never make the mistake of thinking you are alone – or inconsequential. ~Rebecca McKinsey

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