Wesak and the 3rd Eclipse-May 24, 2013

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17I felt the pull to come to the site and write, and here I am. I felt like looking up the triple eclipse article, and it refreshed my memory that today is the Wesak Festival as well as the third eclipse. All of this comes to me with the strains of a song swelling in the background of my awareness…Let There Be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me….Let there be peace on Earth, the Peace that was meant to be…

And then comes the Presence of a mighty Spirit to overtake my awareness. I am not writing today. Another will be transmitting a message for all who continue to visit here, despite my human aspect’s sometimes spotty attendance at the keyboard.

220px-BuddhaintuitionWe would say to you these words: Beloved Sons and Daughters of Creation, welcome now to the conclave which begins in moments here, within the Hallowed Halls of Amente. We have saved you a place at the Master’s Table, and are happy you are able to join us here. Please, come. Sit with us awhile. Know that, as your eyes perceive this message, we are transmitting to you via the portals to your very soul a Blessing filled with the Love and Gratitude of the multitudes of souls on whose behalf you so unceasingly labor.

Do not, for a single moment, think that we are not aware of the sacrifice, the suffering, the trials and tribulations, the pain, the peril, you are experiencing at this time. We bow in humble reverence, in recognition of the extreme courage required to move into a realm of density so far from your understanding that you have forgotten the very Essence of who you are. How painful that must be, especially to those of you who are beginning to sense there is more to you than meets the eye (the gentle humor is intentional).

Remember that you are not alone in your struggle. We are here with you, waiting to lend our energies to the task at hand. And so, on this day, we would be honored to combine our energies with yours to co-create the vision for the further unfoldment of the Divine Design in this, the most precious Jewel in the Crown of the Universal Consciousness.

Breathe now. Center yourself. Close gently your eyes. We will now begin to transmit our energies into your field to the level of your tolerance. Can you not feel our Presence as we move in more closely?

Wesak is a gathering of the Masters. All of the Masters are present here this day. We honor your presence here with us. We thank you for your continued efforts despite the many obstacles you are facing, and will continue to face. The greatest obstacle to your success, Beloved Ones, is your doubt.

We would encourage you to continue to place one foot in front of the other, to continue to strive to the best of your abilities to follow the Voice of Spirit that speaks to your heart. Accept the reality of the human aspect of yourself. Forgive the perceived failures. Honor your individual successes. Know that simply being willing to try is often enough to move the energy in the direction of undivided Light.

We reach through the ever-thinning Veil and send you the gifts of Healing, of Strength, of Compassion. Thank you for coming to this Gathering this weekend. We look forward to the day when we shall stand together and look upon this Earth and say the words: It is Finished.

And so the message transmission ended with those words. It is finished. An interesting note here, at least for me, is that this third eclipse is the most powerful full moon of the year. It is in Scorpio. It is a time of completion. Take a moment to consider what, in your life, is it time to be done with? And make it so.

Imagine yourself back at the table in the Hall of the Masters. Notice that you have a bag with you, and that all of these things you are done with are in this bag. There is a large golden bowl on the table. Place the bag in this large basin.

vflameThe instant you do, Master St. Germaine steps forward and ignites the powerful Violet Flame of Transmutation in the golden bowl and as you watch the bag and its contents are consumed by the transformative fire. Give thanks for the assistance. If you are moved to do so, request that the Violet Flame also blaze through your energy field and carry away any residue still remaining. You will bring this energy back with you to your ordinary waking state.

I give thanks to the Masters and other Light Realm beings who assisted with this message today. May you, as reader, derive some benefit from this effort.

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