Morning Coffee – A Long Overdue Cup for You

Coffee C0531I went away, and didn’t even bother to tell you I was leaving. Sorry. Sometimes life takes us on a surprising detour – or perhaps it’s a change in path, I don’t know yet. (Truth is, at the time, I didn’t know I would be absent from here for so long.)

I promised myself I would not write here based on a certain schedule, but only when I am inspired or have something worth saying. Today I am inspired. I want to talk about the power of a small choice, and the potential it has to create big changes in one’s life. Since I am in the midst of the experience, I cannot yet see what ‘the ending’ to the story is, I can only share where I am in this moment of the process.

What can I tell you that will bring some insight to you as you walk on your path? What is unfolding for me now is, I suspect, the result of my continuing to hold in my heart the desire to find a way to be of service to a larger number of people. It’s not like I haven’t tried some other paths, modalities or strategies to ‘market’ myself – which I abhor, by the way, which is probably why it doesn’t work for me – but somehow, I’ve always felt I was trying to force myself into a spiritual shoe that didn’t fit…

And there, in those words, I find another powerful insight for myself about my own spiritual path thanks to the thing that took me away from this blog for so long. No, I am not ready to speak about it yet. It is not fully formed or integrated enough for me to want to do that. I have learned some pretty tough lessons from speaking too early about something. Don’t want to repeat that one any more.

What is important for this morning’s cup is that what is unfolding with lightning speed is a pathway I, at my human level and even with all my attention focused on doing whatever I was guided to do next, did not even see coming. I say to you, hold tight to whatever your dream, your vision for your life is, your heart’s desire is. Keep listening, and follow to the best of your ability the calling of your heart even if it appears that you are just stumbling along getting nowhere.

Trust me when I say this to you: one small choice, if it is in response to that heartfelt prompting, can totally change things for you in an instant. As I have said here many times, the Universe will rearrange itself to fit your picture of reality. Change your picture, change your reality, sometimes in a pretty dramatic way.

Now go make your very next, best choice. And may your day be glorious.

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8 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – A Long Overdue Cup for You

  1. Julie you sound so excited I am so pleased for you. Great that the Universe is listening and about to deliver!
    Love and light and I’m smiling at my own cosmic ordering. Better not give up had I? 🙂
    Love Sue X

  2. Your thoughts have been missed! I’m excited to hear that shapes, directions, movements are forming for you. Best wishes!

  3. Hi Julie M, Well I for one have missed you and wondered if all is well with you…….I truly hope that whatever is unfolding for you will be for your highest good….as I am sure it will.
    I am having a strange time of it at the moment, totally aware of all my thoughts, catching myself if I become negative, judgemental, irritable etc., then raising my vibration by telling myself that everyone is doing their best within their own level of consciousness. I suppose I am having to see the duality to become more aware of it and transform it??
    I’m also feeling as if I am waiting for something but don’t know what…..strange times eh?
    Take care
    Love and light
    Sandie x

    • Thank you for your kind words, Sandie. As we make our way from one way of being to another, there are bound to be some glitches along the way. I feel it’s a good thing that you are consciously shifting your vibration. I have noticed that increased irritability and the other things you describe are a ‘symptom’ of our shift of perspective from contracted to more expansive. I don’t yet have the words to properly articulate this shift, I am just happy to see it is (likely) a global thing, and not an individual occurrence.
      And the waiting sense is also a common thing I’ve noticed. Again, seems to be a global thing, not specific to me. I believe the Field shifts in every moment based upon our choices, and that is why the future is not ‘written in stone’. What will come is what we create, together and collectively.
      Wonderful times, yes.
      You take care, as well, fellow Traveler.
      Many blessings on your Journey. JM

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