Morning Coffee – Steady…Steady…

Cup of coffee with whipped creamThis morning, I will be following where this tidbit of inspiration leads me. I felt called here to write today, so before I immerse myself in the ‘doing’ of the day, I want to take these moments to ‘be’ with the word I’m hearing whispered in my mind: Steady….Steady…

My attention was pulled in this direction, therefore I sense there is also a message here, so now I will follow the tenuous thread to see where it leads me.

English: Sailing ship AdonisWith the word came an image of a beautiful, old-style sailing ship with full sails flying across the freshening seas. (Think Master and Commander, or Moby Dick) What courage it took to set out in a tiny wooden vessel with only the supplies you could carry and the few crew mates who went with you – for their own reasons, of course, but you are all on this boat together headed in the same direction.

The Captain of the ship sets the course, and the crew implements the orders. And the ship sails on across the freshening seas…

So now I have to go look up some nautical terms to better understand this nautical-themed message for today. Off to the internet I go. Courtesy of, the site that lit up for me when I scanned the list that came up, here is what I found:

“Steady” is a command given to the ship’s helmsman (the person driving the ship) to maintain the course carefully.

I do note the distinction here between what I was hearing (Steady, steady) as opposed to ‘steady as she goes’ which actually means to “observe the compass direction on the present heading, and maintain that course“. (from

The other phrase that poured out of my fingertips as I wrote was “freshening seas”, and because it sort of lit up, back to I went, because I could feel my understanding of this term is also important in order to properly ‘hear’ the message My Captain was attempting to deliver to me this day.

“Freshening” means ‘to grow in strength’ and is usually used in connection with the winds, but I was hearing freshening ‘seas‘.

As I composed the post, related articles began to pop up just at the edge of my peripheral vision. Though I usually ignore them, today my attention was drawn to look there, so I did, and found myself clicking on ‘Steady My Heart’. I actually opened the article, and was so uplifted by the bright brilliance of the young person seen singing there that I have included a link to her song below. Go visit thejoyfullifeofally. It will be worth the couple extra minutes of your time.

Then I was moved to go back to the internet and search for the symbolic meaning of water or the ocean. I have a comprehensive encyclopedia of symbolism here, and actually thought I knew what water symbolized, but I surrendered to today’s exercise and followed the promptings to go look it up. Again, I scanned the listings and clicked on the one that lit up for me.

I came away with the following ‘pieces’:

Water is often used as the Universal symbol for change, and this symbol is often used or seen at turning points in a story.

Water is symbolic of life itself. Life, all life, began in the ocean and life still exists there, so that makes sense to me.

The ocean (the type of water I am working with today is the sea, and I have learned in these cases that context is important) symbolizes power and strength, and truth, hope, mystery and magic.

Now, I will feel into the energy of this mini-matrix and we’ll see what comes out together:

We live in a time of great change on the planet, and there is a strengthening in the energies all around us, that great sea of consciousness (which is our Soul) within which we find ourselves traveling in the tiny boat we know as our physical body together with all the aspects of our personality-level awareness (the crew of the ship). The helmsman has a rather tight grip on the tiller, and sometimes is having a difficult time hearing the commands given by the Captain of this ship, which is our Heart-connection, because of the freshening seas.

Steady…steady…comes the command, gently given, with purpose and calm clarity. Steady…steady…

I hear you. I will put my attention there. I will release my preoccupation with attempting to maintain the current compass heading, for you are telling me there is a possibility that heading has changed, and that – at least for now – we need to maintain the course carefully, but be willing to veer off whatever that  original heading may have been.

Still, the wheel is being guided, the ship is steering a course. But I am open to making whatever correction my Captain (my heart) sends my way. I will release the attachment to any perception I may have had, including the current ones I form as part of my human way of being, in order to be better able to steer this ship in the direction it needs to go.

If I expand this understanding to include all aspects of myself, I encompass as well humanity and the very consciousness of the planet Herself as she makes her way through the sea of star-realms that is Her ocean, Her Soul. Steady…Steady…

We are all part of an incredible change in direction, a turning point so Vast, my miniscule consciousness cannot even begin to comprehend it. The only way we will navigate this successfully is by remaining open to the possibilities, and not attached to any set of compass directions we may have set our course on. Steady…steady…

Pay attention to The Captain. Remain aware of what your heart is telling you, and all will be well. Now take a moment to click on the link below. Then go have yourself a glorious day.

All original material posted to this site is (c) 2013, Julie Marie. All rights reserved.

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6 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – Steady…Steady…

  1. I have no doubts at all that you will soon be at the helm and have the winds beneath your sails as you float along on the crest of the wave Julie…

    On a global level I have been feeling for several weeks now that we are about to move faster in the stream of energy that is emerging… and feel that our Earth is also about to erupt in her own unique way that will send us into a spin… but they are just my ‘feelings’

    Sending you my thoughts and ‘Steady as she goes’ 🙂 hold her straight, for she is on course.. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sue. That sense of ‘something coming’ seems to be something quite a wide variety of people in many locations are picking up on. We all just need to stay the course, as the message intimates. Steady, then, it is.

  2. Wow, can I relate – lately, lots of MAJOR shifts in direction, including deciding not to take my revised version of Going Home to print, but to share it through other creative ways. That was a HUGE decision for me, after being guided to Balboa Press for so long – and yet, it was clear that now, things had changed, and that was no longer my highest good path. As of this morning, yet another change – I had been planning to get part-time work here in KC, but it’s looking like I’ll be applying for a full-time position in an Alzheimer’s unit. Not my original plan, but there it is. Had to get my ego to let go of some of its other plans, so I could listen to what the universe was sending and saying… thanks, Julie Marie! _/\_

    P.S. Love the nautical/water references – my next project will use a lot of aviation/air metaphors, as that’s my current adventure – as we master the elements, we master ourselves!

    • What continues to amaze me is how we end up where we need to be, despite our zigs and zags. Good on you for listenting, and for continuing to follow to the best of your ability.
      I look forward to whatever the Universe brings next.

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