Weekend Wonderings – Forward Movement At Last

Well, here I find myself ready to write, and since it is the weekend, a Morning Coffee just didn’t feel right. What came is the phrase above, so I will use that as my starting place. I am imagining a relaxed setting, comfy clothes, and bare feet kicked up on the sofa, cup of cool liquid at hand because it’s starting to get hot these days, and some free time just to – well wander in the mind and imagination and perhaps to wonder about things not related to the mundane world of one’s ‘regular routine’.

English: Crop circle in Switzerland

This is where I will write longer articles about, well, about whatever comes to my mind and that you can read at your leisure. So let’s begin today with an unfolding story in my world: All about the crop circles I have recently been introduced to through a new friend, another gift from the Universe. Thank you, finding angels, for bringing me on this person’s path.

I do note here that it is interesting, the timing of the appearance of both this woman and the one who showed up just before I left Kansas City.  I had two extremely difficult experiences, and as soon as I shifted where I was willing to stand in relationship to these people, something different for me to experience appeared on my path.

Time will tell if this is more of the same dressed differently because I still have a lesson to master, or whether this is my reward for finally freeing myself from what – in retrospect – I can clearly see were some dysfunctional relationships.I pick “reward” for a difficult lesson learned, energy finally cleared, and now permission to proceed. I give many thanks to those masters for being willing to help me (hopefully) get this one.

I worked very hard at moving through some painful and (almost) devastating realizations the end of last year, and I know that bled over in the writings here. I apologize for the sudden, non-uplifting turn the pages took, but I chose to reveal this side of my journey to illustrate the point that this spiritual path is not always an easy stroll, contrary to what many perceive to be the way the path to enlightenment works.

It is hard work, this path, and sometimes we get stuck, insidiously stuck, without even knowing we are. It can shock the system, physically, mentally, and emotionally, when the truth of things comes into form and the dawning of Realization hits. The body will have a physical reaction to it, and the emotions soon follow, and one can often feel as if it has all been a waste, the time and effort that went into the experience, whatever it was.

Butterfly with clear wings sitting on a golden flower

Consciousness Emerges

Sometimes we are done with the situation for a while before we realize it is (or was) always perfect, especially when it looks like it’s not. But quoting Ellen Bass “There’s a part of every living thing that wants to become itself, the tadpole into a frog the chrysalis into the butterfly, a damaged human being into a whole one…” So I, for one, will continue to seek the highest expression of mySelf.

For me, the lessons were all about the perception of friendship, co-dependency, trust and betrayal and they came all at once in rapid succession with such a force that it was almost my complete undoing.

Somewhere I have read that in order for us to reach a certain level of awareness, we must pass through the Dark Night of the Soul. If this wasn’t that for me, I don’t know that I could survive it if it is still to come. (But I will cross that Bridge when I come to it, if I come to it.)

I am on the other side, finally, of that energy and have begun to regroup, to reassemble the pieces of myself according to the revised template of my awareness that was reshaped in the fire of the Phoenix.

Two days after my move to this new place, I met this bright light at a conference I wasn’t even certain I wanted to participate in. What a tragedy it would have been if I had not followed the promptings of my Guidance on this one.

I will confess I have only peripherally been drawn to these wondrous cereal grain (mostly) creations, and I did comment to this wonderful person that I would often hear sound coming off the circles when I contemplated them. My daughter and I used to compare ‘notes’. No pun intended. She is musically inclined, and highly intuitive, and we used to talk about the latest crop of circles and the tones they made.

I have written here extensively about my relationship with sound, and about how I can hear sound from human bodies, and from places I visit, especially when they are in nature. Her eyes got big, and next thing I know we’re talking about maybe working on a project together having to do with the crop circles and the music they make.

It is all tied together, somehow, I am certain. The shapes, the relationships, the sounds the angles make. My challenge is I sometimes hear complicated overlays of tones, but don’t know how to play them. This will be an interesting experiment, and I suspect you can look for a new blog that will focus on this work coming soon.

I have the sense that, because I have not been allowed to, or been drawn to, read or work with the circles in too extensive a way, I should strive to keep my mental slate clean so that whatever I receive is delivered from as unbiased a place as is (pardon this turn of phrase) humanly possible.

I will employ the skills I do have in order to (hopefully) contribute to the understanding of what is being transmitted to us in these magnificent formations. The Circle Makers are employing whatever means they can to bypass our logical minds, relying on archetypal symbols, sacred geometry, and (what I believe are) dormant codes in our DNA that the steadily rising frequencies of the planet are beginning to activate.

Sound is another means to bypass the logical mind, which is why these circles ‘sing’. We have but to listen with open hearts to hear their songs. Perhaps that will be my small contribution to this understanding. I will see if my daughter wants to play in the circles with me again. We are both older, wiser, and more open.

English: Crop circle near West Kennett

There are repeating patterns in the circles, and it is as if a certain configuration sends a specific message, or piece of a message. It would be interesting to learn if someone has taken the year’s worth of symbols and compared them to see if there are repeated patterns in them. Or perhaps the patterns only become clear over a longer span of time. They are in there, somewhere. I can feel them.

The Light World is talking to us in as many ways as it possibly can; the communication efforts have increased exponentially as the excitement continues to build. Soon the birthing of Homo Galacticus will be completed, and we will join in awareness once more. We are the very heart of the Universe, and as such this is where the integration of all the parts must take place. Once, long ago, in answer to (what I thought was) a straightforward question, Spirit replied:

This Grand Experiment must not fail.

What that portended and the vision that came with it are not relevant to this discussion. Besides, it’s a time to relax and enjoy yourself, not worry about things of no consequence to what we are working towards in this moment.

Crop circle

Because Spirit has placed this person directly, squarely, and firmly in my path, and because she is (magnificently) obsessed with crop circles, I will walk this road with her. I can’t wait to see where it may lead. I will keep you posted.

I shall start with this small insight I just had as I was preparing to sign off here. Since I started this article, I’ve had a question in the back of my mind: why are these circles (primarily) in farmer’s fields? The answer that floated through as I finished up: Because grain is the Staff of Life.

I leave you with that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I know I will.

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  1. Didn’t get to read this last week, and now I know why – just ran across the following this morning – thought you might enjoy it. And I can confirm the Dark Night bit – spent a good part of 2012 in one, and it about did me in. It really does seem to be true – that which does not kill us, makes us stronger. Peace —

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