July 2013 Energy Report – Water, Water Everywhere

Jupiter aurora. The bright spot at far left is...It has been such a busy time for me that June came and went, and for the first time since I began writing the energy reports, I missed a month. Well, July is here and I don’t want to miss another whole month.

Mercury went Retrograde in Cancer on Jun 26th  and will remain there until July 20th. The planet of thinking and the mind, and communication, has moved into the watery sign of Cancer. Remember that retrogrades are an excellent time to slow down and move with more deliberation. Water is all about the emotions, and an undercurrent (no pun intended) this month will be that there is water, water, everywhere, so be mindful of all the opportunities you will have this month to look at old, unexpressed emotions and the possibility of emotions spilling over that perhaps needed to be tempered. Balance will be important this month.

It is also like a great Cosmic Do-over, because this is the time we can re-choose, during these retrogrades, any choice we have made prior to it. I’m smack in the middle of one of those myself. Might make for a nice article sometime next month, after the dust has settled. Now is the time, if you have made a choice before Mercury went retrograde that you are not happy with, to reconsider that choice, and perhaps make a different one for yourself.

With the added expansive energy of Jupiter in play, there is an incredible opportunity for increased intuition and creative thought if we stay open to it.

Jupiter_by_Cassini-HuygensJupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, and the big picture, moves into the water sign of Cancer (family, home, feminine energy) and will remain there until July of 2014. This will be a time of discovering just what you hold as Truth at your core, and it’s upon this foundation that you will build moving forward.

Jupiter also brings the energy of expansion to the spiritual quickening we are experiencing, and as the process continues this expansive Jupiter energy will kick things into high gear from now through the month of August, so don’t forget to breathe and find your center if you feel buffeted about a bit.

This will be an excellent time to rid yourself of those old, limiting thought patterns and beliefs, those stuck feelings that no longer serve you, in preparation for the next stage of this grand adventure. When the going gets a little rough, and it just might, hold on to the realization that the Truth will set you free. The truth is: a time to feel is a time to heal, and that time is now.

As we take a look at our past, we need to also acknowledge the good things there, and bring those forward with us as we lighten our loads.

Now is the time to rest when you need to, to finish up those projects that have been hanging fire for a while, and remember to be extra-kind to yourself these days. Soaks in sea salt and lavender, or a massage or a spa day would be helpful. Remember the emotional body will be getting quite a work out this month.

280px-Saturn-cassini-March-27-2004July 7th – Saturn goes direct into the transformational sign of Scorpio and will remain there until March of 2014. You will have the opportunity to forge more meaningful connections with people who are important in your life, and you will be given the chance to discover if you have the heart strength to rise above your fears of rejection and loss and accept this new depth of connection in your experience.

Uranus2July 17 – Uranus moves in retrograde motion until December 17, and will be asking you to look within to free yourself from your shadow so you can be who you truly are. To be really free, you must free yourself from the old patterns within that dictate how you relate to others.

We have been given the perfect storm of planetary configurations as a lens through which this most difficult of tasks can be addressed. The final configuration, just in case there was any doubt as to what the theme of this time is, is a watery trine that is in play this month from July 17-19th. The influence of this trine will last through August, and will help us to get in touch with our highest visions for our lives.  We are the creator of our life-experiences and when we join with others with clear intention, we can dream the dream of a better world, and – in the words of Captain Jean Luc Picard of the star ship Enterprise – make it so.

NeptuneJupiter is in Cancer (expansion and emotion), Saturn is in Scorpio ( organization and structure, and hidden/shadow being transformed) and Neptune is in Pisces (Intuition and compassion).  These energies are in a perfectly balanced triangle in the heavens, beaming the energy of inspiration, and transformation that will help us walk our destined path.

We must overcome the fear that separates us, one from another and seek the unions where there is harmony. No struggle here, just be open and willing to, well, keep trying. This month, there is energy that will support the coming together in a way that has not been possible before, so if you have given up, I say to you: give it one more try. You may just find your proper place this time. There is greater power in union. Has it not been said that whenever two or more are gathered, united in a common purpose, a purpose that each is willing to sacrifice for, or has already made a sacrifice for, there is love? And what greater power is there in the entire Universe than that? There is none greater, I say to you.

Many years ago, Spirit told me it was time to gather in groups in order for the next phase of the project to be successfully completed. I immediately set about attempting to make that happen. Still trying, but I have not given up, because I feel deeply the importance of this next, collective step. I seek the place I rightfully belong. I will admit to getting discouraged from time to time, but after my wounds are properly tended to, I am able to try again. Don’t you give up, either.

The energy of Neptune in Pisces speaks to that numinous, Creative force that binds us all together. We are a spark of that Divinity, and when we gather with other sparks and dream together a brighter tomorrow, soon that Light will dawn.

This has been quite a year so far, and I would propose that the summer will be no exception. We just need to continue to hold the highest Vision for one another, for the collective, and know that in the holding of the dream, the dream will manifest.

Enjoy your month.

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