Morning Coffee – An Insight Came Today

List of Greek dishesSometimes the toughest thing to do is to keep moving forward. No, this isn’t a downer piece, at least I hope not. It’s another glorious day, and my heart is full of joy and gratitude for the blessings in my life, and for some very important lessons I’ve learned in the past little while.

I talk a lot about how things seem to be shifting with lightning speed, and about how we needn’t get too attached to what we ‘think’ our path is, because these days, it doesn’t take much for that path to be shifted in what can sometimes appear to be a blink of the eye.

I would also like to observe that the article about the power of a single, small choice is relevant here as well. It wasn’t only my response to a whisper from Spirit, but also a choice made by another that contributed to a pretty dramatic shift in my trajectory. Again.

It caught me off-guard, but I am coming to terms with this shift. So where is the insight I said I’d share with you today? Here it is: We cannot let the opinions of others determine our destiny. We cannot allow those thought forms, no matter how well-formed they are, to imprison or affect us. But we are, after all, only human one might say. Yes.

So feel the feelings that come up. Feel them deeply so they don’t get stuck in the very cells of your body. Bless the sender, and release them to their highest purpose, for they are as set upon their path as you are on yours.

Give thanks where possible for the goodness that was there to be tasted, and forgive yourself and the others for their human-ness.  Every person, every ‘problem’, every ‘negative situation’ is sent on our path to help us to learn and to grow, and sometimes that growth requires the strength to overcome.

Maybe take just a moment here to focus on someone or something you feel is keeping your spirit in a cage, or is bringing your spirit down somehow. Now imagine yourself inside that cage, looking out. Spend a moment trying whatever way you usually try to make yourself heard or understood, and realize this time it is not working.

Now be quiet. Take a breath. Deep into your belly. Notice that the other is standing, waiting somehow, for – is it just your imagination? – you to release them from the situation as well.

As you calmly center yourself, you have the urge to put your right hand in your pocket. What you find there is a beautiful golden key that perfectly fits the lock of the cage door. Open it, and when you do, you realize that you – and the other person – are now both free to go your own ways. Wave now, with a grateful heart. Your time together is done.

Now go have a glorious day! I know I will.

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