Morning Coffee – “Unique-nicities”

Baileys_and_coffeeWhat can I offer you as you set out to live your life this day? I was thinking a lot about how I live my life following the whispers of Spirit as I drove home last night.

Sometimes I find myself making a sudden, unexpected (often even to me) shift in the direction I thought I was heading. I have (mostly) gotten used to it over the years, but those around me sometimes find it difficult to keep up with these shifts.

I had the opportunity to deliver some important messages this past weekend, and it soon became apparent to me I needed to be where I was in order for these messages to be delivered. I could feel the work, the effort that was expended from the other side to guide some of the people I spoke with to my table so that the message could be heard. In one instance, the crossed over person had been trying for some time to get through.

I am still in awe and amazed at how the connections are made.

So as I drove home after feeling honored to have been able to be the bearer of the messages, my thoughts wandered to how I approach my life in general. It is definitely a different process for me, and to those who are looking at it from the outside, I can see how they could view it as more than a little strange. OK. Let’s be kind. We’ll use the word “eccentric” instead.

“Eccentric” is defined as deviation from an established or usual pattern or style; or from conventionally or accepted usage or conduct. The saying that some march to the beat of a different drummer certainly applies here. The drumbeat of my Spirit leads me down some pretty interesting pathways if I just choose to listen. I will admit I don’t always want to go where I am called to go, but without exception when I have found myself where Spirit has asked me to be, I have never regretted ending up there. Always there has been something profoundly healing that has happened.

Two decades ago, I promised Spirit that if there was a message to be delivered, and if I was the proper messenger for it, if the Guides and Guidance could maneuver me to be in that place then I would do my best to deliver the message.

“Unique” is defined as solitary in type or characteristics. For whatever reason, I was the most appropriate conduit for some words that needed to be brought forward this weekend. Was there someone else that would have sufficed? I don’t know. I can only say that there was more than one instance where there was little doubt the person was ‘sent’ to me.

I beat myself up sometimes because I don’t choose to live life blending in with the rest of the group, and that includes the ‘metaphysical/spiritual’ community. It is a challenge when you have trouble fitting in with a group of people who, themselves, don’t really fit into the population in general!

Last night, I found a new label for myself: I love myself not despite my eccentricities and my unique way of approaching my life. I love myself because of them. Those very “unique-nicities” often make me the perfect instrument for Spirit’s purposes.

What are your uniquie-nicities? Can you find another way to view them? They are likely some of your greatest strengths, because it is the specific combination of experiences that you have walked through that make you the perfect, unique vessel for Spirit to pour the Light through. Embrace that. Embrace all that you are.

Now go have a beautiful day. I know I will.

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  1. Beautiful – thank you, Julie Marie. Sorry to miss you this weekend – unexpected curves led me in new directions over the past week and a half. Amazing how quickly a whole new world can open up before one. I hope you had a good trip to KC and a safe return home. Namaste —

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