Morning Coffee – On the Road. Again.

550px-Make-Iced-Coffee-Step-1Like the ant in Aesop’s Fable, I toil mightily during the summer months so there is enough to see me through the winter time. What that translates into is a lot of summer driving, and this year is no different.

I am off, again, but this weekend is one of my favorite trips. I get to visit with a brilliant Lightworker I only see once a year when I participate in this conference. Her sweet comfy sewing room transforms into a bedroom and I am nurtured of an evening with company and conversation after toiling during the day.

I wasn’t going to attend this event this year, but because of the sudden change in direction of my life, that decision is no longer valid. One of the things I am learning this summer is to stay as present in the moment as I can. I know there are people out there that must think I’m a little ditzy, but if one wants to stay flowing with the current, flexibility in planning is mandatory now.

Don’t get too locked into any single path to your ‘goal’. Everything is subject to change these days. We are all learning to go with the flow, that’s for certain.

I also look forward to this gathering because I get to see two of my favorite people in the entire world, perhaps the Universe. At least on my side, the connection is strong enough to call them Dear Friends of my Soul. They have to be long-standing soul-friends of mine. I am accepted by them warts and all, and we have known each other long enough for the warts to show!

I just found out yesterday they will be unable to attend this year, and that makes me sad. But I will send them all the love and healing my Guides and I can muster. Their presence will be missed. It really won’t be the same without them. I know I’m not the only one who will miss their Light this weekend. I don’t want to invade their privacy by giving their real names, so let’s just call them The Wizard and The Empress. May they both live long, and continue to prosper.

Coffee cup is empty. Time to finish loading the car. Now go have a stellar day. I know I will.

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